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Welcome to GRCblog.com

Our goal is to help you find and choose the best colleges for your future. Our goal is very different from that of most other college websites.

We tell you more about a college than its basic statistics, so you can find your match. On GRCblog, you will find out more than just how well you match your GPA and test scores with a college. When you research colleges, you will look at topics like:

There are specific programs at different schools. You can also find out where a college’s alumni are currently working.

You can also find out if the faculty has a background that matches what you are looking for in a professor. It is especially important for students who wish to experience life outside of the classroom during their college years.

We also talk about schools of all kinds. Some of the most popular topics we write about are medical schools, performing arts schools, and college admissions tips. We also highlight the lesser-known, high-quality schools in the country that we deem “hidden gems.”

Methodology for College Rankings

Although not all of our articles contain college rankings, many are. You should view our rankings as a starting point for your college search. College rankings aren’t the end of your search for a college, but rather the beginning.

Rankings are a springboard into the college search, but only you can decide if a school is right for you.

Here are some of the methods we use to develop rankings.

Occasionally, we quote rankings from other publications, such as US News, rather than devising them ourselves. Then we discuss the schools and programs in more detail. We consistently credit the publications we quote in these articles in the first few paragraphs.

Some rankings are based on proprietary rankings. Basically, for these articles, we look at other college ranking publications on the internet and measure where schools rank in those articles, then average them out.

We would love to hear from you if you have any specific topics you’d like us to write about. You can contact grcblog by contact form to reach out to us. Think of us as your resource for your college journey. GRCblog is a great place to start your search for the right school/collage/university .