What Can You Do With Public Health Degree

Are you a recent graduate from public health studies who is feeling confused about what direction to take after getting your degree? Worry not! This post will provide you with a list of the best available career options for anyone holding a public health degree.

Whether it be working in an office setting or out in the field, this guide will give you all the information and resources necessary to find success in your chosen field of expertise. Keep reading to learn more about what exciting possibilities await those armed with their public health degrees.

What Can You Do With Public Health Degree
  • With a public health degree, you can pursue career paths in multiple disciplines including healthcare, community outreach and advocacy, policymaking and more.
  • Public health practitioners help to keep communities safe by developing strategies to prevent and control diseases as well as educating residents on how they can better protect their own health.
  • Having a public health degree allows you to impact larger populations rather than just one individual at a time which makes your work have the potential for greater collective impacts .
  • Studying public health will equip students with knowledge of research methods and data analysis techniques that are applicable across many industries such as medicine, business or social sciences fields.
  • A public health degree provides an opportunity for individuals with varied interests from diverse backgrounds to come together to find solutions for our world’s most pressing issues related to healthcare access and quality; environmental protection; poverty reduction; disaster preparedness & response; population aging & global aging trends; mental illness prevention & management etc.

10 Jobs You Can Do With Public Health Degree

 1. Community Health Specialist 

A Community Health Specialist is a great career option for those who have earned a public health degree. This job involves working to improve the overall health of individuals and communities by assessing particular needs and developing plans to meet those needs.

The work involves identifying resources available for community members, providing advocacy services, educating about health-related issues, collaborating with other professionals in the field, and evaluating outcomes. A successful Community Health Specialist must be knowledgeable in all aspects of public health and possess excellent communication skills.

Community Health Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing health promotion initiatives in local communities to improve the overall health of people.
  • Educating members of the public on topics such as disease prevention, nutrition and lifestyle choices that can positively affect their health outcomes.
  • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals in order to identify community needs and design effective healthcare systems for addressing those needs.
Community Health Specialist Median Salary$44958 Annual

 2. Biostatistician 

A Biostatistician is a great job option for someone with a public health degree. This type of role involves analyzing and interpreting data related to health and medicine, in order to inform decisions about programs and policies.

Through this work, Biostatisticians help protects public health by providing evidence-based policy recommendations that can improve public health outcomes. If you have an interest in using data to understand the impact of healthcare systems on people’s well-being, then becoming a Biostatistician may be the perfect career choice for you.

Biostatistician Job Responsibilities

  • Collect, analyze and interpret public health data to inform public health policy decisions.
  • Develop statistical models to evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions and programs.
  • Design surveys and observational studies to assess population-level effects of diseases or other health concerns in a community setting.
Biostatistician Median Salary$44958 Annual

 3. Medical Administrator 

A Medical Administrator job is a great option for those with a degree in public health. As a Medical Administrator, you will be responsible for the effective management of healthcare organizations and facilities.

This includes tasks such as overseeing staff, managing budgets and developing policies, implementing patient safety protocols, tracking quality assurance measures and ensuring that all medical services meet standards set by regulators. With a public health degree, you can gain the skillset required to excel in this industry-critical role.

Healthcare Informatics Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures related to public health initiatives.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of public health programs, making adjustments as needed for successful outcomes. 
  •  Oversee data collection and analysis efforts related to public health services, such as epidemiological studies or program evaluations.
Healthcare Informatics Specialist Median Salary$40885Annual

 4. Healthcare Informatics Specialist 

Healthcare Informatics Specialists are an important part of the public health workforce, providing critical data analysis and management to improve healthcare outcomes. With a public health degree, these specialists can help organizations better understand their patient populations, track disease trends and make more informed decisions about how to best manage their resources.

They develop database systems to collect medical information which they use to create reports that highlight areas where services need improvement or could be optimized. Being able to professionally interpret large amounts of clinical data is essential in this role – making it ideal for those with a background in public health who have an interest in technology and analytics.

Healthcare Informatics Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and evaluate healthcare informatics systems to improve public health outcomes.
  • Design, manage and maintain electronic medical records systems to ensure accurate data collection and storage of patient information in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Collaborate with public health professionals to identify best practices for using healthcare information technology tools to improve population health outcomes.
Healthcare Informatics Specialist Median Salary$62752Annual

 5. Environmental Health Scientist 

Environmental Health Scientists serve an important role in public health by working to identify, prevent, and manage environmental hazards and their effects on human health.

With a degree in public health, Environmental Health Scientists are able to improve the lives of individuals through research into how humans interact with their environment – including food safety, air quality, waste management, vector control (disease spread), among many other topics.

Environmental Health Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct research to identify and assess environmental health risks and hazards, such as water contamination or air pollution.
  • Monitor the environment for hazardous materials and develop methods to remove them from the soil, water, or air.
  • Educate communities on how to maintain healthy environments through policies and public outreach programs.
Environmental Health Scientist Median Salary$78741 Annual

 6. Quality Improvement Coordinator 

As a Quality Improvement Coordinator, you will be responsible for improving the quality of care within health organizations. With a public health degree, you can help analyze data to identify performance issues and develop strategies to ensure that all standards are met.

You will also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to create policies and procedures designed to improve patient care outcomes. This job offers the opportunity to make an impact on the world in ensuring better healthcare services for those who need it most.

Quality Improvement Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement quality improvement initiatives to ensure public health programs are meeting standards of excellence.
  • Analyze data related to public health services in order to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions. 
  •  Design training materials, workshops and other resources that promote awareness of quality assurance practices among healthcare professionals and the general public.
Quality Improvement Coordinator Median Salary$67593Annual

 7. Healthcare Administrator 

Healthcare administrators offer essential services to ensure the smooth running of healthcare facilities. With a public health degree, you can enter this field and become a healthcare administrator in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical care settings. As an administrator, you’ll be responsible for managing staff and services while ensuring compliance with regulations.

You’ll also work closely with physicians and other professionals to develop strategies designed to improve patient care. If you are looking for an exciting career path that offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development, then consider becoming a healthcare administrator with a public health degree!

Healthcare Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement strategies to improve public health outcomes through evidence-based initiatives.
  • Monitor compliance with the regulations and standards of the healthcare industry, local, state and federal laws. 
  •  Establish partnerships with relevant organizations to promote healthy lifestyle choices among vulnerable populations.
Healthcare Administrator Median Salary$82,463Annual

 8. Epidemiologist 

Epidemiologists are public health professionals who use scientific methods and tools to identify, investigate, and prevent diseases. With a public health degree, you can pursue a career in epidemiology by conducting research on the causes of various diseases and other health issues.

You will analyze data from surveys and studies to create models that provide insight into how contagious diseases spread across populations. Additionally, you’ll be able to interpret these findings to develop effective strategies for disease control or prevention measures.

Epidemiologist Job Responsibilities

  • Architect and implement public health initiatives to reduce the spread of contagious diseases.
  • Track and analyze disease data in order to develop strategies for prevention, control, and treatment. 
  •  Identify risk factors associated with certain illnesses, such as environmental pollution or lifestyle choices, in order to develop interventions that protect public health.
Epidemiologist Median Salary$103750Annual

 9. Toxicologist 

Toxicologists are public health professionals who specialize in studying the effects of environmental toxins and other hazardous materials on human health. Toxicologists use their knowledge of chemistry, biology, toxicology, and epidemiology to assess how exposure to toxins can cause health risks and develop strategies for preventing illness or injury caused by these exposures.

With a degree in public health, you can become a toxicologist and help protect communities from the dangers posed by hazardous substances.

Toxicologist Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and asses the health impacts of various toxic substances in the environment.
  • Develop strategies for reducing public exposure to hazardous toxins. 
  •  Advise local, state, and federal agencies on appropriate regulations related to toxic substances.
Toxicologist Median Salary$110932Annual

 10. Healthcare Consultant 

Healthcare Consultants are an important part of the public health sector, assisting organizations to develop policies and strategies for improving patient care. With a Public Health degree, individuals can become Healthcare Consultants who work with healthcare providers in areas such as financial management, operations management, strategic planning and quality improvement.

They also help organizations create business plans for new initiatives or improve existing programs. Working as a Healthcare Consultant requires excellent communication skills and the ability to interpret data that helps decision-makers make informed decisions about their organization’s future.

Healthcare Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement public health policies, procedures, and practices that comply with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Analyze data to identify trends in population health outcomes and propose solutions to address any disparities or gaps in healthcare access or services.
  • Advise on the efficacy of current public health initiatives, providing guidance on changes required to improve service delivery and patient wellbeing outcomes.
Healthcare Consultant Median Salary$83743Annual

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