What Can You Do With International Relations Degree

Are you confused about what to do with your International Relations degree? Don’t worry, because there are many career paths available to those who have completed an International Relations program.

In this post, we will discuss the best options for graduates of an International Relations degree and how they can use their knowledge and skills in a range of fields.

From working as a diplomat or foreign service officer to becoming an international business professional or political analyst, we will provide examples of potential roles that graduates can pursue. 

What Can You Do With International Relations Degree
  • An international relations degree provides a deep understanding of global issues and society, giving graduates the necessary knowledge to pursue their careers in government, business, law and other areas related to global affairs.
  • A degree in international relations is highly marketable due to its interdisciplinary nature; it combines elements from political science, economics and history among other disciplines that build the foundation for a successful career.
  • International relations degrees help students develop important skills such as analytical thinking, communication ability and research proficiency which are immensely valuable no matter what profession you decide on pursuing after graduation. 
  •  The demand for professionals with specialized knowledge about international politics continues to grow as countries become increasingly interconnected therefore making an international relations degree particularly relevant today more than ever before.
  •  With an international relations degree one can enter many fields including policy analysis, economic development or diplomacy; this makes it highly versatile allowing graduates of this program greater freedom when deciding on their future career path.

15 Jobs You Can Do With International Relations Degree

 1. Political Consultant 

Political Consultants are an important part of the international relations field. With a degree in International Relations, you can become a Political Consultant and advise governments, corporations and organizations on political matters.

As a Political Consultant, you will be responsible for analyzing policies, providing advice to clients, monitoring actual or potential policy changes that could affect clients’ interests, developing strategies to increase public awareness of an issue or organization and ensuring policy objectives are met through effective research and analysis.

You will also be expected to stay up-to-date with current domestic and global events affecting politics as well as understanding what issues matter most to your clients so you can provide them with the best advice possible.

Political Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Advise political candidates on international relations issues, policies and strategies.
  •  Analyze global economic, social, and political trends to inform strategic decision-making for the organization or campaign. 
  •  Build relationships with key stakeholders in foreign countries in order to advance the goals of the organization or campaign.
Political Consultant Median Salary$67,375 Annual

 2. Foreign Service Officer 

A Foreign Service Officer job is a great option for those with an international relations degree. As a Foreign Service Officer, you would represent the United States abroad in embassies and consulates and act as a diplomat between nations. You could help to negotiate treaties, provide assistance services to U.S citizens overseas, and promote cultural exchanges between the United States and other countries.

This type of work requires strong communication skills, well-developed problem-solving abilities, knowledge of foreign cultures and relationships between countries – all aspects that are covered when studying international relations. With an international relations degree in hand, you can be confident in your ability to take on this rewarding career path!

Foreign Service Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Representing the U.S. government in foreign countries and working to promote strong relationships between the U.S. and other nations.
  • Advising policymakers on international political, economic, and legal developments. 
  •  Negotiating agreements with foreign governments regarding trade, defense, security, financial assistance, human rights and other issues of mutual concern.
Foreign Service Officer Median Salary$97,754 Annual

 3. Intelligence Specialist 

An Intelligence Specialist job is a great career opportunity for those with an international relations degree. This position involves gathering and assessing information, analyzing foreign policy and political issues, interpreting intelligence data, conducting research on global trends and providing advice to government or business leaders.

The ability to understand complex topics in the context of larger geopolitical events is essential in this role. With an international relations degree, individuals can prepare themselves for a successful career as an Intelligence Specialist by mastering both hard skills such as analytics and soft skills like communication.

Intelligence Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze political, social and economic trends in international relations to identify potential security threats.
  • Develop plans to mitigate identified risks while considering the interests of multiple stakeholders in the region. 
  •  Develop strategies for tracking, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence related to international affairs.
Intelligence Specialist Median Salary$65,233 Annual

 4. Outreach Coordinator 

An Outreach Coordinator is an excellent job for those with an International Relations degree. As an Outreach Coordinator, the individual is responsible for developing relationships between organizations and external stakeholders. This may include creating marketing materials to reach target audiences, coordinating event planning activities, building media relations and engaging existing customers through campaigns.

The successful candidate will possess strong interpersonal skills in order to work effectively with different organizations and individuals across a variety of cultures. With their international relations degree, they are a great asset when interacting with people from all around the world!

Outreach Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain relationships with existing international partners in order to facilitate collaborative projects related to outreach initiatives.
  • Plan, coordinate, and evaluate outreach activities on a global scale, such as conferences and workshops. 
  •  Analyze data collected from international outreach efforts to identify areas of improvement and new opportunities for collaboration.
Outreach Coordinator Median Salary$43,782 Annual

 5. Policy Officer 

As a Policy Officer, you can use your International Relations degree to advocate for and bring about change in areas such as international trade, foreign policy, and development. This job involves researching policy topics, analyzing data and research findings to develop solutions that are tailored to the needs of stakeholders.

The key skills required in this role include an understanding of the global political landscape, strong analytical capabilities, excellent communication skills and an ability to effectively build relationships with stakeholders. With these qualities at hand and your International Relations degree in tow, you can make a valuable contribution towards creating meaningful policies that will benefit communities all around the world.

Policy Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and monitor foreign policy initiatives in line with international law and the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Monitor global developments related to government, non-governmental organisations and other relevant actors that could affect policy decisions. 
  •  Liaise with key stakeholders to ensure effective communication between them and their respective counterparts abroad.
Policy Officer Median Salary$67,773 Annual

 6. Lobbyist 

A Lobbyist is a professional who promotes the interests of an individual, organization, or cause to elected officials and other influential decision-makers. With an International Relations degree, Lobbyists can use their knowledge of global politics and culture to advocate for their clients in foreign governments and international organizations.

As a Lobbyist with an International Relations degree, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your client’s message through persuasive writing and speaking on behalf of your client in diverse areas such as trade policies, human rights issues and more.

Lobbyist Job Responsibilities

  • Advocating for the interests of international clients before government officials and legislators.
  • Developing persuasive strategies to influence policy makers on behalf of their clients. 
  •  Researching and monitoring relevant political developments, advising clients accordingly, and regularly reporting back with updates on the status of their initiatives.
Lobbyist Median Salary$75,459 Annual

 7. Interpreter 

An Interpreter job is a great choice for someone who has an International Relations degree. As an interpreter, you will use your language and cultural expertise to bridge between two different cultures. This may involve translating verbal conversations or written documents from one language to another, as well as providing counsel on cross-cultural issues.

Working in this field gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of politics and global trends while performing a vital function that allows people from different backgrounds and countries to communicate with each other more effectively.

Interpreter Job Responsibilities

  • Translate diplomatic documents such as treaties, contracts, and correspondence between parties of different languages.
  • Provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation during international conferences, meetings and negotiations.
  • Facilitate cultural awareness by assisting in bridging the language barrier between two cultures.
Interpreter Median Salary$44,856 Annual

 8. International Marketing Specialist 

An International Marketing Specialist is a great career option for someone with an International Relations degree. This position requires knowledge of global markets, trends, and customer needs in order to create effective marketing campaigns that reach consumers around the world.

It also involves developing strategies to increase brand awareness, staying informed on political and economic changes that affect international business decisions, and keeping up with the latest technology used in marketing across borders.

International Marketing Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement global marketing strategies to promote products and services in foreign markets.
  • Monitor the performance of international campaigns, analyze data and make necessary adjustments as needed. 
  •  Negotiate contracts with overseas vendors, distributors, suppliers, partners etc., ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
International Marketing Specialist Median Salary$53,555 Annual

 9. Public Relations Assistant 

A degree in international relations can be a great asset for those wishing to pursue a career as a public relations assistant. With this degree, you will have an understanding of international cultures and the ability to communicate cross-culturally with stakeholders in order to further your client’s interests.

You will also develop skills in research, writing press releases, and event management that are essential for successful PR campaigns. Furthermore, knowledge of foreign affairs and policy can be beneficial when developing strategies related to external audiences or engaging in crisis communication initiatives.

Public Relations Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain relationships with international media outlets and representatives to secure press coverage.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct international public relations campaigns for clients or employers. 
  •  Monitor international news coverage to analyze the effectiveness of PR strategies and provide suggestions for improvement.
Public Relations Assistant Median Salary$42,967 Annual

 10. Global Benefits Analyst 

As a Global Benefits Analyst, you can utilize your international relations degree to analyze and evaluate global benefits programs. You will be responsible for researching and assessing market trends, creating financial models to assess benefit costs, managing data integrity of system processes related to benefit plans, developing reports on current policies in different countries or regions, making recommendations related to employee benefits policy changes, and much more.

With an International Relations Degree, you have the necessary skillset needed for this important role that ensures all employees are provided the best possible coverage regardless of their country or region.

Global Benefits Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and analyze employee benefits programs globally to ensure efficiency and compliance with regulations.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain global benefit strategies that meet the needs of international business operations. 
  •  Communicate effectively with stakeholders in multiple countries to understand local market requirements and develop solutions accordingly.
Global Benefits Analyst Median Salary$61,970 Annual

 11. Communications Specialist 

A Communications Specialist is a great job choice for those with an International Relations degree. This role requires strong writing, research and interpersonal skills to convey complex information in an effective way, making it a perfect fit for someone who has studied International Relations. Communications Specialists are responsible for crafting public relations campaigns and communicating organizational messages to internal and external audiences.

They also manage social media accounts, develop content marketing strategies and oversee the production of brochures, newsletters or other publications. With their understanding of global current events and knowledge of cultural nuances associated with different countries around the world, they will excel at this job!

Communications Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement international communications strategies to promote positive relationships with global stakeholders.
  • Analyze foreign policies, events, and trends to create targeted messaging for external audiences.
  • Monitor news outlets and social media channels in order to stay informed of relevant developments in the international arena.
Communications Specialist Median Salary$55,104 Annual

 12. Legislative Assistant 

As a Legislative Assistant, individuals with an International Relations degree can work in the political and legal sector to provide support for policy-making processes. They serve as liaisons between legislators and their constituents, help craft legislative proposals on behalf of elected officials or organizations, and may even be involved in grassroots advocacy efforts.

With an international relations degree, they are also well suited to analyze international policies and suggest ways to improve them. For those who have the interest and aptitude for politics, becoming a Legislative Assistant is a great way to use their skillset.

Legislative Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and analyze international relations policies, developments, and regulations to provide informed advice to the legislator.
  • Draft legislation related to foreign affairs in collaboration with other legislative staff members.
  • Prepare written reports on topics of interest concerning international issues for distribution among relevant stakeholders.
Legislative Assistant Median Salary$61,757 Annual

 13. International Lawyer 

International lawyers are in high demand due to the ever-increasing globalization of business and trade. An International Lawyer’s primary role is to advise clients on legal issues related to international transactions, such as foreign investments, treaties, contracts and disputes with other countries or organizations.

With an international relations degree, one can get into this exciting field by specializing in a particular area of law or studying for qualifications such as the Certificate in International Trade Law from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). Additionally, it is essential that international lawyers have an excellent knowledge of both public and private international law.

International Lawyer Job Responsibilities

  • Advising clients on international laws, treaties, and agreements.
  • Representing clients in international legal disputes before courts of law or arbitration panels. 
  •  Negotiating cross-border transactions and business contracts involving various jurisdictions.
International Lawyer Median Salary$1,01,705 Annual

 14. Regulatory Affairs Manager 

A Regulatory Affairs Manager is an important role in the business world and one that can be done with a degree in International Relations. This position involves assessing and managing compliance of international, national or regional regulations relating to products, services or activities.

They must develop strategies for obtaining regulatory approvals from government agencies and industry bodies as well as ensuring ongoing compliance to relevant regulations. With their knowledge of international affairs, those holding this job are equipped with the necessary tools to monitor changing regulation policy and anticipate future changes.

Regulatory Affairs Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with international regulatory standards and requirements in the development, manufacturing and distribution of products.
  • Analyze changes in regulations to ensure company’s product portfolio remains updated and compliant
  •  Establish effective relationships with external agencies such as health authorities, foreign distributors, etc., to obtain necessary approvals for product registration/licensing worldwide.
Regulatory Affairs Manager Median Salary$90,713 Annual

 15. Economic Analyst 

An Economic Analyst is an important job for those with an International Relations degree. This role involves studying the economic and political environment, analyzing data and trends, researching policy-related topics, presenting findings to senior management and making predictions about future financial conditions.

The ability to interpret data from various sources (including reports from international organizations) and form conclusions is critical in this role. With an International Relations degree, you can develop your knowledge of global markets and acquire the skills needed to become a successful Economic Analyst.

Economic Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze international economic trends, including currency exchange rates, inflation, and GDP growth.
  • Develop reports and forecasts of macroeconomic data to inform decision making in government or business organizations. 
  •  Monitor the performance of foreign markets and assess their impact on the global economy.
Economic Analyst Median Salary$74,528 Annual

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