What Can You Do With Health Administration Degree? 10 Careers & Salaries

Are you confused about what to do after completing a degree in Health Administration? Not sure how to take the next step in your career path? Worry not! In this post, we are outlining some of the best options available for those looking to use their health administration degree.

From working as a healthcare administrator and consultant to pursuing an advanced degree, we’ll look at the variety of paths graduates can choose from. So if you have recently completed a Health Administration Degree and are searching for career possibilities – read on!

  • Health Administration Degree provides a broad range of skills and knowledge that prepare graduates for an array of roles across the healthcare industry, from hospital administration to public health policy to consulting.
  • With a Health Administration degree, you gain access to invaluable resources such as cutting-edge physician networks and technology, which can aid in the successful management of healthcare organizations.
  • With a Health Administration degree, you will develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that are essential for success in today’s competitive job market (especially as it relates to managing healthcare organizations).
  • A Health Administration degree allows you to become certified in specialized areas such as gerontology or long-term care facility management – thus opening up even more career opportunities within the field!
  • Finally, with a Health Administration degree, your earning potential is extremely high; according to US News & World Report “the median salary for those working in this field is $72k per year”.

10 Jobs You Can Do With Health Administration Degree

 1. Healthcare Administrator 

Healthcare Administrators are responsible for managing and coordinating medical services in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and other healthcare organizations. With a Health Administration degree you can pursue an exciting career in this field.

Healthcare Administrators must have strong organizational skills to ensure that the facility is running smoothly and efficiently; they are also involved with budgeting, staff management and patient care. This job offers the potential for great personal satisfaction from making sure that individuals receive quality healthcare services.

Healthcare Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services.
  • Develop, implement, and oversee policies and procedures that promote quality care for patients. 
  •  Monitor financial performance of health care organizations to ensure fiscal solvency and compliance with regulations.
Healthcare Administrator Median Salary$52,622 Annual

 2. Clinical supervisor 

A clinical supervisor is an important role in health administration, and those with a degree in health administration are well-suited for this job. Clinical supervisors provide guidance to healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, and technicians. They ensure that their staff adheres to ethical standards and work collaboratively to deliver quality patient care.

In addition to managing the team’s performance, they also mentor new members of the medical staff while providing direction on best practices. With a degree in health administration, individuals can become successful clinical supervisors who help lead their teams toward optimal patient outcomes.

Clinical supervisor Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement policies, procedures, standards and protocols related to patient care services.
  • Monitor staff performance and provide clinical guidance as necessary to ensure quality patient care is delivered in an efficient manner. 
  •  Collaborate with other health professionals regarding patient health outcomes and best practices for service delivery.
Clinical supervisor Median Salary$72,801 Annual

 3. Finance Manager 

A finance manager job is a great career opportunity for those with a health administration degree. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative operations of an organization or department.

You will need to have strong analytical skills as well as an understanding of accounting principles and budgeting practices. This job requires knowledge and experience in financial management, but your health administration degree gives you the foundation needed to excel in the field.

Finance Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure budgeting and fiscal controls are in place to manage resources effectively.
  • Develop financial strategies to guide organizational growth and expansion initiatives.
  • Generate reports to analyze revenue, expenses, cash flow, and other financial trends for management review.
Finance Manager Median Salary$1,06,750 Annual

 4. Hospital Administrator 

A hospital administrator is a great career option for those with a degree in health administration. As a hospital administrator, you will be responsible for the oversight and management of daily operations within the hospital.

This includes managing staff members, creating budgets, responding to patient needs, and making sure that all departments are running smoothly. With your degree in health administration, you will have the skills necessary to take on this important role of ensuring quality care at all times while staying within legal and financial guidelines.

Hospital Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and manage policies and procedures to ensure the smooth operation of a healthcare facility.
  • Monitor financial performance and create strategies to maximize profitability.
  •  Ensure regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal laws as well as accreditation standards for quality assurance in medical care delivery.
Hospital Administrator Median Salary$77,736 Annual

 5. Nursing Home Administrator 

The role involves overseeing the medical and support staff of elderly care facilities, ensuring that patients receive top-notch care. In this capacity, the administrator will oversee staffing matters, financial operations, patient satisfaction surveys, healthcare policies and other operational concerns to ensure that everyone from residents to staff members are safe and looked after properly.

With a Health Administration degree you could be well-positioned to take on this important role which has become increasingly vital given the pandemic we’re currently facing.

Nursing Home Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and monitor short-term and long-term nursing home goals that are consistent with the mission of the organization.
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, local and accreditation standards for quality care in a safe environment. 
  •  Oversee staff recruitment and development as well as financial management of nursing home operations.
Nursing Home Administrator Median Salary$99,043 Annual

 6. Health Information Management Manager 

A Health Information Management Manager is responsible for managing health information systems and protecting the privacy of patient records. With a degree in health administration, individuals can pursue this career path to ensure that all medical records are properly organized, secure and compliant with legal requirements.

This job requires knowledge of both healthcare management practices as well as technology-related skills such as electronic medical records software. As a Health Information Management Manager, one must also be able to develop policies and processes aimed at improving the accuracy and quality of data analysis for decision-making by leading teams within their organization.

Health Information Management Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure health information is complete, accurate and secure in accordance with HIPAA privacy regulations.
  • Develop and implement procedures for data collection and storage of patient health records. 
  •  Monitor the performance of staff to ensure quality standards are met in providing access to medical information.
Health Information Management Manager Median Salary$43,497 Annual

 7. Human Resources Manager 

This career path involves focusing on the effective management of personnel within an organization, including recruiting and training employees, developing policies, monitoring performance and ensuring compliance to labor laws.

With this degree, you will have everything you need to work in this role as you should be well versed in business principles along with understanding industry regulation.

Human Resources Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement HR policies and procedures that are compliant with applicable labor laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Ensure compliance with government health regulations by conducting audits of employee health records and benefits programs.
  • Monitor staff training related to safety protocols and ensure employees are aware of changes in healthcare regulations or guidelines.
Human Resources Manager Median Salary$80,000 Annual

 8. Healthcare Consultant 

Healthcare Consultants are an important part of the healthcare system. With a degree in Health Administration, you can pursue a career as a Healthcare Consultant. As a Healthcare Consultant, your job is to advise healthcare facilities and organizations on ways to improve their operations and patient outcomes.

You will help create strategies for streamlining processes, establishing protocols, reducing costs and improving quality of care. Through data analysis and research into industry trends, you will be able to provide sound recommendations that lead to better patient experiences and organizational efficiency gains.

Healthcare Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify trends in the healthcare industry.
  • Develop strategic plans for healthcare organizations to optimize operational efficiencies and cost savings. 
  •  Collaborate with stakeholders to implement best practices in patient care delivery, quality improvement processes, and data management systems.
Healthcare Consultant Median Salary$83,753 Annual

 9. Medical Practice Administrator 

A Medical Practice Administrator is a great option for individuals with a Health Administration degree. This job involves overseeing the daily operations of medical practices, such as their finances, personnel management, and patient services. The role requires strong people skills to work effectively with staff and patients as well as knowledge of regulations regarding healthcare services.

With a health administration degree in hand, individuals can pursue this career path where they will be able to make meaningful contributions to medical professionals and help ensure that quality care is delivered in an organized manner.

Medical Practice Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee patient care operations and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and laws. 
  •  Manage financial resources, set budgets, track expenses, and review billing practices to maximize the efficiency of the practice.
  • Lead hiring process for medical staff members and coordinated performance evaluations to maintain high-quality personnel within the organization.
Medical Practice Administrator Median Salary$70,319 Annual

 10. Director of Managed Care 

A Director of Managed Care is a great job for those with a health administration degree. They are responsible for developing, implementing and managing the policies and procedures that align with their organization’s overall goals in managed care.

This includes analyzing data to develop strategies to reduce costs while maintaining quality of care, negotiating contracts between providers and payers, evaluating utilization rates and creating educational programs on managed care trends. With this position, you can have an impactful role on improving healthcare access and affordability within your organization!

Director of Managed Care Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement managed care programs to ensure cost-effective healthcare delivery.
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of health services provided through managed care contracts.
  • Negotiate and manage provider contracts with payers to optimize reimbursement rates while maintaining high standards of patient care.
Director of Managed Care Median Salary$1,05,581 Annual

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