What Can You Do With English Degree?12 Careers & Salaries

English degrees are among the most popular routes for students seeking to pursue a college education. Yet, once you’ve obtained your degree, many people wonder what they can do with it.

There are plenty of job opportunities that can help you utilize your skills and knowledge in meaningful ways. In this post, we will explore some of the best options available if you’re wondering “what can I do with an English degree?”

What Can You Do With English Degree
  • An English degree provides excellent career options in the fields of publishing, media and communications, marketing, and writing.
  • With an English degree, you can find work in many industries such as teaching, law enforcement, business administration or even Public Relations Specialist.
  • A degree in English allows you to become a skilled communicator with written as well as verbal communication skills that are essential for success in any field. 
  • An English degree is versatile; it gives you the potential to pursue a wide range of career opportunities while also giving you transferable skills applicable across many different job roles and sectors.
  • If your passion lies within literature or creative writing then pursuing an english degree could be the ideal way to gain access into those industries and develop further knowledge surrounding them.

12 Jobs You Can Do With English Degree

 1. English Teacher 

An English Teacher job can be a rewarding and fulfilling way to use an English degree. It allows you to share your knowledge and love of the language with students who are eager to learn. You’ll have the opportunity to help them develop their skills in writing, reading, analyzing, and interpreting texts.

Not only will this give you satisfaction from helping others learn but it is also a great way for those with an English degree to gain work experience and build relationships with colleagues, employers, and students alike.

English Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Develop lesson plans to introduce students to a variety of different topics and texts.
  • Assess student progress, provide feedback and record grades. 
  • Promote reading, writing and critical thinking skills in an interactive classroom environment.
English Teacher Median Salary$41,932 Annual

 2. Public Relations Specialist 

A Public Relations Specialist is a great job opportunity for someone with an English degree. Those in this role develop and maintain relationships between companies, organizations, and the public by developing strategies to improve the image of their clients or employers.

They do this through marketing campaigns, press releases, social media posts and other forms of communication. It requires excellent writing skills as well as knowledge of current trends in media content creation, so having an English degree helps prepare one for success in this field.

Public Relations Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain relationships with media representatives and individuals in the public domain.
  • Create content such as press releases, newsletters, brochures, feature stories, website content etc.
  • Monitor and analyze public sentiment on social media platforms to respond on behalf of the organization.
Public Relations Specialist Median Salary$50,589 Annual

 3. Interpreter And Translator 

Interpreting and translating are two of the most popular job options available to those with an English degree. Interpreters help people who speak different languages understand each other by conveying spoken words from one language into another, while translators convert written documents from one language into another.

Both forms of communication require a deep understanding of both languages and cultures in order to ensure accuracy between them. As such, having an English degree is incredibly beneficial for interpreters and translators as it provides the necessary skillset needed for both roles.

Interpreter And Translator Job Responsibilities

  • Interpret spoken and/or written information from one language to another accurately and clearly.
  • Maintain accuracy of the message being communicated in both verbal and written forms.
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity when translating or interpreting for individuals from different countries.
Interpreter And Translator Median Salary$46,737 Annual

 4. Social Media Manager 

Social Media Managers are in high demand, and they can be a great fit for those with an English degree. Social media managers create content, interact with customers, promote products or services online, and help to build brand awareness.

They must be able to write compelling copy quickly, understand the nuances of different social media platforms, and know how to use analytics tools to track progress. With an English degree, you already have the necessary writing skills needed for this type of job making it a perfect career choice for someone interested in pursuing digital marketing.

Social Media Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement effective social media strategies to increase brand awareness and engagement. 
  • Monitor analytics to measure the success of campaigns and report results to stakeholders.
  • Create content for social media channels such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, images, etc.
Social Media Manager Median Salary$48,227 Annual

 5. Editor 

Editor is a great job for those looking to use their English degree. Editors review and correct written material, ensuring accuracy in spelling, grammar and overall content. They also provide input on the structure of documents, including articles, manuscripts and books. With an English degree, you can become an editor with experience in both print media and digital publications.

You’ll be able to assess the quality of writing from writers around the world while developing your own editorial style. In addition to editing skills, editors must possess superb communication abilities as they often interact with authors directly during the review process.

Editor Job Responsibilities

  • Review and revise content to ensure accuracy, clarity, style, and correctness.
  • Ensure that the text is properly formatted for print or web publication.
  • Source images, artwork and other materials as required for the project being edited.
Editor Median Salary$52,196 Annual

 6. Copywriter 

This job involves creating content such as brochures, website copy, ads, and newsletters to promote a product or service. The ability to craft persuasive messages and create compelling visuals are essential skills needed in this profession.

With an English degree, you will have the background knowledge of language conventions necessary to craft effective copy that speaks directly to your target audience. Additionally, understanding current trends in writing styles for different markets makes it easier for Copywriters to keep up with changing demands and requirements from clients.

Copywriter Job Responsibilities

  • Develop concepts and write compelling copy for a variety of media, including digital, print, radio and television.
  • Generate original ideas that are in line with client’s requirements and marketing strategies.
  • Research target audiences to create content that resonates with their interests and needs.
Copywriter Median Salary$47,778 Annual

 7. Web Content Specialist 

A Web Content Specialist job is a perfect choice for those with an English degree. In this role, you would be responsible for writing and editing content for websites, as well as developing strategies to optimize your website’s user experience.

You will also utilize SEO techniques in order to boost organic traffic from search engines to the website. This job requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, which are essential qualities of any successful English major!

Web Content Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, curate and maintain website content to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Monitor web analytics and trends to optimize user experience on the website.
  • Evaluate existing content for relevance and develop new strategies to improve online visibility of the website.
Web Content Specialist Median Salary$56,346 Annual

 8. Technical Writer 

Technical Writer is a great career choice for someone with an English degree. As a Technical Writer, you can use your writing skills to create user manuals, software documentation, and other product-related materials. You will be required to have excellent communication skills as well as a deep knowledge of the specific products that you are creating content for.

Additionally, this job requires research and problem-solving abilities so that readers understand the information clearly. If you enjoy researching new topics, developing concise content and working in teams then Technical Writing might be the perfect fit!

Technical Writer Job Responsibilities

  • Create clear and comprehensive documentation for a variety of technical products.
  • Edit existing documents to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency in style as needed.
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to understand complex concepts and turn them into easy-to-understand instructions.
Technical Writer Median Salary$54,311 Annual

 9. Librarian 

A library career allows you to learn and share your knowledge of books, literature and language with others as well as help people find what they need. As a librarian, you can work at research institutes, public libraries, large universities, or private corporations.

Your responsibilities may include cataloging materials, providing reference services to patrons, managing book collections and more. With an English degree and some additional qualifications such as a Master of Library Science (MLS), you’ll be able to perform all these tasks efficiently.

Librarian Job Responsibilities

  • Cataloging and organizing library materials in print, audiovisual and digital formats.
  • Facilitating access to information resources through instruction and reference services.
  • Providing assistance with locating, borrowing, using or returning library materials.
Librarian Median Salary$59,091 Annual

 10. Script Writer 

Script Writers are responsible for creating the written content of films, television shows and other forms of media. With an English degree, you can pursue a career in Script Writing and develop your storytelling skills to create compelling screenplays that captivate viewers.

You’ll need excellent grammar, writing and research abilities as well as the ability to collaborate with others in the production team. This is a great way to express yourself through creative writing while still making use of your English degree.

Script Writer Job Responsibilities

  • Create compelling stories and characters for film, television or theatre productions.
  • Write dialogue to help bring a script to life on stage or screen.
  • Collaborate with directors and other creative personnel during the pre-production and production stages.
Script Writer Median Salary$58,988 Annual

 11. Business Administrator 

A career as a Business Administrator is one of the many ways to use an English degree. This position is responsible for providing administrative support in various aspects of the business, such as marketing and customer service.

With an English degree, you will have a good understanding of how businesses operate and be able to communicate effectively with clients and coworkers alike. You’ll also need to demonstrate strong writing and organizational skills – both key components of any successful business administrator role.

Business Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Manage office operations and procedures, including staff management, scheduling and budgeting.
  • Develop and implement policies related to customer service, security, safety, and communications.
  • Analyze financial data to improve profitability and create reports for senior managers when needed.
Business Administrator Median Salary$53,229 Annual

 12. Law Enforcement Officer 

Law enforcement officers have the important job of protecting citizens, enforcing laws and ensuring public peace. With an English degree, you could potentially become a law enforcement officer by understanding how to effectively communicate with individuals in high-stress situations and be able to write reports that accurately reflect the details of any incident that requires documentation.

In addition, having strong language skills would serve as a great asset when responding to various types of calls or giving presentations on safety topics.

Law Enforcement Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Protect the public and enforce laws.
  • Respond to emergencies and investigate crimes.
  • Maintain law and order in the community.
Law Enforcement Officer Median Salary$54,257 Annual

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