What Can You Do With An Elementary Education Degree?9 Careers & Salaries

Are you unsure of what to do after getting an elementary education degree? Don’t worry – there are plenty of great opportunities available for those with a background in this field. From teaching children in public or private schools to managing educational programs, and even becoming an administrator or curriculum specialist, the options are plentiful!

In this article, we will explore the different types of jobs that can be pursued with an elementary education degree. We’ll cover job duties, qualifications needed, salaries, and other helpful information so that you can decide which path is right for you.

What Can You Do With An Elementary Education Degree
  • An elementary education degree can give you the opportunity to teach young students and make a difference in their lives.
  • With an elementary education degree, you can go into many different fields such as guidance counseling or educational administration. 
  • Having an understanding of learning at a foundational level can help you shape future generations with lasting impact on society and culture. 
  • Being an educator provides more job security than other professions because there is always demand for teachers that can innovate and keep up with current trends in the field. 
  • Earning an elementary education degree gives you access to professional development opportunities that will allow you to continually hone your skills so that your students benefit from all the best practices.

9 Jobs You Can Do With An Elementary Education Degree

 1. Elementary school Teacher 

An elementary school teacher is a rewarding and challenging career for those who have an elementary education degree. Not only will you be responsible for providing instruction in Grade 1-6 classrooms, but also helping students develop their emotional and social skills to ensure success during their academic years.

You’ll need excellent communication skills, patience, creativity and energy as well as the ability to foster positive relationships with your pupils’ families in order to become a successful teacher. With an elementary education degree, your opportunities are endless!

Elementary school Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Create and implement lesson plans to meet the educational needs of students.
  • Assess student progress in development of academic, social, and emotional skills. 
  • Facilitate a learning environment that encourages problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking among students.
Elementary school Teacher Median Salary$48,397Annual

 2. Teacher Assistant 

Being a Teacher Assistant is an excellent way to use your elementary education degree. You will assist the teacher in maintaining discipline and order in the classroom, while also helping students learn.

This job allows you to have direct contact with children on a daily basis as you help them further their understanding of core academic subject matter such as mathematics, English language arts and science. With this career choice, you can build relationships with young students that can be both rewarding and fulfilling.

Teacher Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the teacher in providing instruction to students, including monitoring student progress and maintaining records of educational activities.
  • Monitor and reinforce appropriate student behavior in compliance with school policies and procedures, as well as state laws related to education. 
  • Support teachers by preparing classroom materials, setting up labs/activities, organizing field trips and other special events for students or faculty members.
Teacher Assistant Median Salary$25,531 Annual

 3. Admission counselor 

Admission counselors are responsible for helping students gain acceptance into educational institutions. With an elementary education degree, you can be well-equipped to do this job. You will need excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of the admissions process, as well as organizational skills.

As an admission counselor, you will help prospective students make wise decisions that meet their academic goals and provide them with information on college costs, requirements, and admission procedures. Furthermore, you may also consult with parents regarding financial aid options available to their children.

Admission counselor Job Responsibilities

  • Review applications, transcripts, and other admissions materials to determine a student’s eligibility for admission.
  • Counsel prospective students on educational options and the admissions process, providing guidance on how to select schools and apply successfully. 
  • Develop relationships with feeder schools, community organizations, and donors to increase awareness of the school and its programs.
Admission counselor Median Salary$45,857 Annual

 4. Educational Consultant 

An Educational Consultant job is an excellent career option for those with an elementary education degree. This job entails working closely with school systems and institutions to provide guidance and advice regarding educational policy, instruction, assessment strategies, curriculum development and more.

As an Educational Consultant you will be responsible for helping schools ensure quality teaching standards are met in order to enhance student learning outcomes. With your knowledge of the latest trends in elementary education, you will have the opportunity to help shape today’s classrooms into tomorrow’s successes!

Educational Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement effective educational programs tailored to the specific needs of elementary age students.
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators and parents to ensure that students receive quality instruction. 
  • Monitor student progress, assess data and develop plans to improve overall learning outcomes for all learners in the classroom setting.
Educational Consultant Median Salary$53,211 Annual

 5. Foreign Language Teacher 

This type of job requires the ability to communicate in multiple languages, teach students from different backgrounds, and use creative methods to engage students in learning. Foreign language teachers must also be able to develop lesson plans that are tailored towards their individual student’s needs and provide assessment tools for monitoring progress.

With this type of job, those who hold an elementary education degree have the potential to make a significant impact on their student’s lives by helping them build cultural awareness and understanding through language acquisition.

Foreign Language Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing cultural activities, projects, and lessons that promote language development in students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Planning and delivering instruction to help students acquire proficiency in the target language through listening, speaking, reading writing, and culture-based activities. 
  • Assessing student’s progress on a regular basis to ensure successful learning of language skills.
Foreign Language Teacher Median Salary$53,918 Annual

 6. Program coordinator 

With an Elementary Education degree, you can become a Program Coordinator. A Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and managing educational programs. This job requires excellent organizational skills as well as dedication and commitment in order to ensure that the program runs smoothly and serves its intended purpose effectively.

They develop strategies to ensure that the program meets its objectives, work with stakeholders to make sure they are on board with the program’s mission, and review data to determine areas where improvements need to be made.

Program coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement curricula for elementary school students, including lesson plans and activities that are appropriate to the age group.
  • Evaluate existing curriculum programs and make necessary changes or adjustments in order to meet educational standards. 
  • Monitor student progress through assessments and teacher reports, providing feedback on areas of improvemen.
Program coordinator Median Salary$47,377 Annual

 7. HR Coordinator 

HR coordinators play an important role in managing the human resources of a company. They are typically entry-level jobs that require only an elementary education degree. HR coordinators are responsible for assisting with recruitment and selection, onboarding new staff, handling payroll inquiries, and providing general training to staff.

With their elementary education degree, individuals can become successful HR coordinators by possessing strong organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills needed to effectively work with all levels of personnel within the organization.

Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with elementary school faculty, staff, students and parents to ensure HR procedures and policies are properly followed.
  • Assist in the recruitment process for new positions and provide guidance on job postings, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, making hiring decisions. 
  • Monitor employee attendance records, facilitate employee dispute resolution processes and handle confidential personnel matters as necessary.
Coordinator Median Salary$48,251 Annual

 8. Elementary School Administrator 

An Elementary School Administrator is a great job for those who hold an elementary education degree. This position involves overseeing the daily operations of a school, such as student enrollment, budgeting and scheduling of classes. It also requires communication with faculty, staff and parents to ensure that all students receive high quality instruction.

In addition to these responsibilities, Elementary School Administrators play an important role in helping create a safe learning environment where children can thrive academically. With an elementary education degree you can make a real difference in the lives of young learners by becoming an effective administrator at their school!

Elementary School Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate academic programming and curriculum that meets student needs and state standards.
  • Work with teachers to ensure the use of best practices in instruction and assessment in order to maximize student learning outcomes.
  • Oversee student activities, discipline policy enforcement, special education services and other school operations as needed.
Elementary School Administrator Median Salary$50,473 Annual

 9. Librarian 

Librarians are an essential part of any school or library, cataloging and organizing books and other materials in order to provide access to information. With an elementary education degree, you can gain the necessary skills for this job such as communications and organizational abilities.

As a librarian, your duties could include developing collections that meet user needs, maintaining records of library holdings, providing reference services to patrons and teaching literacy classes. Librarians also work with teachers on lesson plans that use various resources from the library.

Librarian Job Responsibilities

  • Design and manage library collections, including selecting books and audiovisual materials to meet the needs of elementary school students.
  • Create instructional plans and resources for teachers incorporating print and digital materials from the library collection.
  • Facilitate collaborative reading projects with students, such as book clubs or read-alouds that encourage a love of literature in young readers.
Librarian Median Salary$51,219 Annual

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