What Can You Do With An Education Degree? 15 Careers & Salaries

If you have recently completed your education degree, you may be feeling overwhelmed with what lies ahead. With so many possible career paths to choose from, it’s normal to feel confused or anxious about which one is right for you.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways in which an education degree can open doors to exciting and fulfilling careers.

In this post, we will look at some of the best options available for those who want to put their qualification to good use by exploring “what can you do with a education degree”?

From teaching roles within schools, colleges and universities to jobs in policymaking and research, there are plenty of rewarding opportunities out there waiting for you.

What Can You Do With A Education Degree
  • An education degree can open up a variety of career opportunities in the field of teaching, school administration, and educational policy making.
  • Education degrees provide students with knowledge on the science behind teaching strategies, classroom management techniques and more so that they are better prepared for their chosen career paths.
  • With an education degree, educators can gain access to resources and networks that can be useful in advancing their own professional development as well as impacting systems-level change in K-12 schools or higher-education institutions.
  • Educators who hold an education degree may have greater earning potential than those without one due to additional qualifications such as specialized certifications or graduate studies related to their profession (i.e., becoming a principal).
  • The skills learned through obtaining an education degree are transferable across other fields and industries outside of the traditional classroom setting including non-profit work and research initiatives within various organizations or government agencies.

15 Jobs You Can Do With A Education Degree

 1. Nursery Teacher 

A Nursery Teacher is responsible for providing quality and fun learning experiences to young learners, usually aged three to five years old.

Nursery teachers are an important part of the education system as they provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to learn, play and grow.

With an education degree, you can become a nursery teacher and have the satisfaction of helping young minds develop strong foundations in literacy and numeracy. 

Nursery Teacher’s Job Responsibilities

  • Develop age-appropriate educational and curriculum activities for young children in the nursery school.
  • Help children develop social skills, self-esteem and positive relationships with others through play activities and group projects.
  • Monitor each child’s development to identify any learning or behavioral problems and provide appropriate guidance or intervention when necessary. A passion for teaching young minds is essential for this job.
Nursery Teacher Median Salary$28,570 Annual

 2. Middle School Teacher 

A career as a Middle School Teacher is an excellent choice for those with an Education degree. This job involves working with students aged 11 to 14, teaching them the core academic subjects in a way that engages and inspires young minds.

As well as ensuring mastery of content knowledge, Middle School Teachers strive to develop student skills like critical thinking and communication. With guidance and support, they help their students become independent learners who are prepared for success inside and outside the classroom.

Middle School Teacher’s Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement lesson plans that meet curriculum standards in accordance with the school district’s goals and objectives.
  • Provide individualized instruction to student groups or one-on-one sessions to address learning deficits or provide enrichment activities as needed.
  • Assess students’ performance through tests, assignments, and other evaluation procedures; maintain accurate records of each student’s progress for reporting purposes.
Middle School Teacher Median Salary$53,363 Annual

 3. High School Teacher 

High School Teachers are essential in helping shape the future of young minds. With a degree in education, you can become a teacher and mentor to adolescents as they explore their interests and discover their passions.

A high school teacher will lead classes, develop lesson plans, assess student progress, create tests and quizzes, review homework assignments, advise students on college prep courses and more. The job requires patience, enthusiasm for teaching and commitment to helping each student reach his or her potential. It is a rewarding career choice that allows you to make an impact every single day!

High School Teacher’s Job Responsibilities

  • Develop lesson plans and curricula that meet the individual needs of the students within their assigned subject areas.
  • Guide, motivate and monitor student progress in their academic work while providing feedback to both students and parents.
  • Model positive behavior while teaching students responsibility for their own learning, encouraging critical thinking skills and helping them develop problem-solving strategies.
High School Teacher Median Salary$52,441 Annual

 4. Librarian 

A librarian is a great job for those with an education degree. Librarians are responsible for organizing and managing the vast amount of information in libraries, as well as providing knowledge-based services to patrons.

They often work closely with other library staff, such as archivists, curators, and cataloguers. They also have a mastery of computer systems and databases and can help patrons find the materials they need quickly and efficiently. With an education degree, you can be qualified to pursue a career in this field!

Librarian Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, organize and maintain library collections to ensure availability of materials for research, study, and leisure.
  • Provide instruction in techniques of access and retrieval of information from a variety of sources such as catalogs, indexes and databases.
  • Monitor circulation system to track library materials in use by patrons; assign late penalties as needed; update computerized records accordingly.
Librarian Median Salary$53,096 Annual

 5. Assistant Principal 

An Assistant Principal is an important role that requires a strong education background and administrative experience. With a degree in Education, individuals can pursue roles in schools as Assistant Principals to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations.

This job involves managing personnel, assessing student performance and providing guidance to teachers on teaching methods. Individuals with this job need excellent communication skills, problem solving capability and leadership qualities to be successful in the position.

Assistant Principal Job Responsibilities

  • Supervise instructional staff and monitor student progress in order to ensure a positive learning environment.
  • Implement school policies, procedures, curricula and programs to maximize student learning outcomes and achievement.
  • Develop relationships with stakeholders such as parents, teachers and the community to foster an atmosphere that values academic success for all students.
Median Salary$73,607 Annual

 6. School Principal 

A School Principal is responsible for overseeing the operations and activities of a school, ensuring students receive a quality education. To become a principal, one must have at least an Education degree or equivalent qualifications.

A qualified education degree holder will possess a combination of teaching experience, administrative knowledge, and educational leadership skills to be successful in this role.

Principals must also demonstrate excellent organizational and communication capabilities while managing the diverse needs of teachers, staff, parents and students within their school community.

School Principal Job Responsibilities

  • Establish and enforce school policies, objectives and procedures to ensure that students are safe and receive a high quality education.
  • Develop curriculum plans based on student needs, local district regulations, state guidelines and national standards.
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the school such as budgeting, staff management, scheduling classes and extracurricular activities, resolving conflicts between faculty members or students etc.
Median Salary$97,138 Annual

 7. School District Administrator 

School district administrators are responsible for the overall success of school districts. They plan and develop educational programs, manage budgets, oversee personnel decisions, work with other departments to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and promote the mission of public education within the community.

To become a school district administrator requires at least a masters degree in education or related field. With an education degree, you can gain valuable insight into current educational trends as well as administrative roles within a school system; making this an ideal career choice for someone interested in helping shape the future of our children’s’ educations.

School District Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee curriculum design and implementation: Develop, review, and update curriculum policies to ensure that district-wide educational objectives are met.
  • Monitor student progress: Track student achievement data and assess the effectiveness of instructional programs in meeting school goals. Facilitate collaboration among educators to improve teaching strategies for student success.
  • Manage budgeting and personnel matters: Ensure proper financial management of district funds by overseeing the hiring process, developing fiscal year budgets, tracking expenditures, managing grant funding opportunities and more
Median Salary$81,957 Annual

 8. Reporter 

A career in journalism as a Reporter is an exciting way to use your education degree. You will be the eyes and ears of the public, gathering information, researching stories and interviewing sources. As a reporter you will have the opportunity to investigate issues that are important to society and share those findings with readers.

Becoming a journalist requires strong communication skills and knowledge of current events. With an education degree you can gain the necessary background knowledge in writing, research methods, media law, ethics and reporting techniques needed for this profession.

Reporter Job Responsibilities

  • Research and write stories for news outlets, such as newspapers, magazines and websites.
  • Interview sources to obtain information regarding breaking news or other topics of interest.
  • Report live from the scene of events or follow a specific story over time.
Median Salary$38244 Annual

 9. Private Tutor 

A private tutor is a great job for someone with an education degree. As a private tutor, you would be able to assist students in pursuing their academic goals and helping them reach the highest level of success.

You can work one-on-one or in small groups to tailor instruction to the individual needs of each student. Additionally, many tutors also provide mentorship and guidance outside of traditional classroom lessons. 

Private Tutor Job Responsibilities

  • Design and implement lesson plans that meet the academic standards of the student’s school district while meeting individual learning needs.
  • Monitor student progress on a regular basis to ensure they are mastering material and making appropriate educational gains.
  • Develop an individualized learning plan for each student, in collaboration with parents or guardians, to best meet their needs and help them reach their goals as quickly as possible.

 10. Researcher 

A career as a Researcher is an excellent choice for those seeking to utilize their Education degree. As a Researcher, one is responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting data in order to develop insights that can inform decisions or generate solutions.

This job involves both creativity and critical thinking skills, making it the perfect opportunity for people with an Education degree. With this position, individuals are able to make meaningful contributions while also furthering their knowledge in the field of education.

Researcher Job Responsibilities

  • Conducting research studies to review and evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, policies, and processes.
  • Developing survey instruments for data collection and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to produce meaningful reports. 
  • Keeping up-to-date with current trends in research methodology and presenting findings to relevant stakeholders.
Median Salary$59,105 Annual

 11. School Counselor 

School Counselors are an important role in the education field that can be filled with a degree in Education. School Counselors are individuals who work with students, parents and teachers to ensure that the student has a successful educational experience.

They help families deal with difficult issues such as social problems, behavioral issues and academic struggles. School Counselors will provide guidance on college applications and career planning, recommend resources for mental health counseling and develop strategies to improve academic performance. 

School Counselor Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement individual student plans to address academic, social, emotional, and career development needs. 
  •  Provide counseling services to students by helping them develop coping skills for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, bullying and relationship issues.
  •  Evaluate student educational progress by assessing test scores, school records and other data sources to identify areas of potential difficulty or success.
Median Salary$49,904 Annual

 12. Editor 

An Editor is a great job for someone who has a degree in Education. Editors are responsible for creating, reviewing and revising content that will be published in books, online publications or other forms of media.

They review the grammar, spelling and overall accuracy of drafts to ensure that they meet the proper standards before being released. As an Editor, you have the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented people while helping create amazing works of knowledge!

Editor Job Responsibilities

  • Reviewing, editing and proofreading written materials for grammar, accuracy, clarity and consistency.
  • Developing content ideas through collaboration with authors and researchers.
  • Evaluating manuscripts submitted for publication by assessing content quality, flow and accuracy of information presented.
Median Salary$52,107  Annual

 13. Freelance Writer 

A career as a freelance writer is an attractive and rewarding option for those with a degree in education. Freelance writing allows you to be your own boss while still gaining experience in the field. With this job, you can write articles on topics related to education, such as educational policies or pedagogical methods.

You could also create blog posts about relevant current events, or even write reviews of books related to teaching and learning. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to exploring what can be done with an education major through freelance writing!

Freelance Writer Job Responsibilities

  • Research and develop original content for websites, magazines, blogs and other outlets in accordance with the client’s specifications.
  • Develop compelling blog posts, articles and social media content to engage readership and grow an online presence.
  • Edit existing content according to established editorial guidelines while remaining true to client’s brand voice and style.
Median Salary$47407 Annual

 14. Instructional Designer 

Instructional designers use their knowledge of instructional technology and psychology to create educational material that engages learners.

With an education degree, individuals can develop the skills needed to become effective instructional designers and help achieve desired learning outcomes. Instructional designers have a crucial role in developing online training materials, e-learning programs, multimedia projects, simulations, and more. They ensure content is engaging and organized in a way that maximizes comprehension for learners at all levels.

Instructional Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop instructional strategies and materials for different educational settings, such as classrooms, schools, or online courses.
  • Design and implement assessments to evaluate student learning outcomes. 
  •  Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of instructional programs.
Median Salary$72910 Annual

 15. Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) 

Teaching English as a second language is a great profession for those with an education degree. It provides an opportunity to work abroad and gain valuable cultural experience, while sharing one’s knowledge of the English language with others.

With the proper qualifications and certifications, teaching English as a second language can be both rewarding and enjoyable. Furthermore, many employers are more likely to hire someone with an educational background in this field when looking for ESL teachers.

Thus, if you’re considering what career path you should take after graduating with your degree in education – consider exploring teaching English as a second language!

ESL’s Job Responsibilities

  • Develop curriculum and lesson plans to meet the needs of a variety of students, including those with special language-learning needs.
  • Monitor student progress and assess their understanding of English by providing ongoing feedback and guidance in the classroom environment.
  •  Facilitate communication between international students who have limited knowledge of English by providing translation services as needed.
Median Salary$59,670 Annual

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