What Can You Do With An Animal Science Degree? 20 Careers & Salaries

If you’ve recently completed an animal science degree, then you may be wondering what sorts of career paths are open to you. After all, it’s not always easy to figure out the possibilities that come with a new qualification.

Fortunately, there are many options available for those who have studied Animal Science and we’ll explore the best ones in this post. From veterinary medicine to zoology, nutrition advice to work on conservation projects – no matter what your interests or skills might be there is sure to be something for everyone!

What Can You Do With An Animal Science Degree
  • An animal science degree provides a broad education in the areas of genetics, nutrition, reproduction and livestock management.
  • Animal Science graduates have the opportunity to go into agriculture-related industry positions such as laboratory technicians or farm managers.
  • With an Animal Science degree, you can also work in research roles with universities and research institutions studying animal health, behaviour, nutrition and welfare issues or investigating zoonotic diseases (diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans). 
  • A career within the animal sciences sector could include working with government agencies on food safety programs involving livestock production, disease control initiatives and conservation efforts for endangered species.
  • Graduates are also able to pursue further study options such as veterinary medicine or graduate studies within Animal Science disciplines providing even more job opportunities including Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT), Veterinary Diagnostics & Microbiology/Virology as well as teaching positions at Universities.

20 Jobs You Can Do With An Animal Science Degree

 1. Animal Physical Therapist 

An Animal Physical Therapist is an excellent career option for those who have studied animal science. This role involves providing physical rehabilitation to animals, particularly for those that have suffered injuries or illnesses.

The job requires good communication skills and a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology and psychology in order to help the animal recover from its condition. With an Animal Science degree, you will be well-equipped to pursue this rewarding profession and make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals.

Animal Physical Therapist Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate animals to develop physical therapy plans and establish treatment goals. 
  • Administer therapeutic exercises, modalities, massage, and other treatments.
  • Monitor animal’s progress throughout the course of treatment and adjust plan accordingly.
Animal Physical Therapist Median Salary$77,777 Annual

 2. Conservation Officer 

A Conservation Officer is a great job for someone with an Animal Science degree. This career typically involves developing and implementing plans to protect natural resources and habitats, monitoring endangered species populations, conducting public outreach programs and enforcing environmental regulations.

It is a rewarding profession that allows people to have a direct impact on the preservation of our environment while also helping to educate the public about why conservation matters.

Conservation Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Enforce conservation laws and regulations to protect natural resources.
  • Monitor wildlife populations, habitats, and recreational use of parks and other natural areas. 
  • Identify environmental problems and implement solutions for the protection of ecosystems.
Conservation Officer Median Salary$43,032 Annual

 3. Veterinary Technician 

A Veterinary Technician is a great career option for those with an Animal Science degree. This job requires technical knowledge and skill in the care of animals, as well as the ability to accurately diagnose, treat, and manage animal illnesses.

They also provide support services such as taking vital signs, collecting samples for testing, preparing treatments and medications, providing emergency first aid care for injured or ill animals, performing laboratory tests requested by veterinarians and educating clients about proper pet health care. With an Animal Science degree in hand you can make your dream of helping pets come true!

Veterinary Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Administering treatments to animals, such as medications, vaccinations and wound care.
  • Collecting samples for laboratory testing.
  • Assisting veterinarians in surgery and other medical procedures.
Veterinary Technician Median Salary$40,300 Annual

 4. Animal Welfare Auditor 

Animal Welfare Auditors are responsible for ensuring that animals in laboratories and zoos are being treated humanely and responsibly. With an Animal Science degree, you can become an auditor and help protect the well-being of animals.

As a welfare auditor, you will review animal housing conditions, medical care needs, nutrition requirements, environmental enrichment activities and handling protocols to ensure ethical standards are met. You will also be responsible for documenting any violations or improvements made throughout the process.

Animal Welfare Auditor Job Responsibilities

  • Inspect facilities and operations to ensure they are compliant with animal welfare standards.
  • Monitor staff practices and procedures related to animal care, management, and husbandry.
  • Identify areas of non-compliance and advise management on corrective action plans.
Animal Welfare Auditor Median Salary$46,395 Annual

 5. Kennel Assistant 

A Kennel Assistant is an ideal job for those who have a degree in Animal Science. They work closely with animals, providing them with care, support, and companionship while they are away from their owners.

The job involves monitoring the health of the animals, making sure they are well-fed and groomed, cleaning cages or kennels as needed, exercising the pets regularly and providing socialization time. This position also requires assisting veterinarians with procedures as needed. With an animal science degree, you can confidently pursue a career as a Kennel Assistant!

Kennel Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Cleaning and sanitizing kennels, runs and cages.
  • Feeding, exercising and grooming animals in the care of the kennel.
  • Providing general animal care including handling, bathing, medicating as needed or requested by owners.
Kennel Assistant Median Salary$32,381 Annual

 6. Animal Nutritionist 

Animal Nutritionists are responsible for developing and providing nutritional advice to keep animals healthy. They also deal with the selection, composition, storage, packaging and marketing of animal feeds. An Animal Science Degree is an ideal qualification for this role as it provides students with a comprehensive understanding of livestock nutrition requirements.

This degree will equip you with the skills needed to become an effective Animal Nutritionist; from research into diet formulation to monitoring feed intake and analyzing nutrient levels in animal diets.

Animal Nutritionist Job Responsibilities

  • Developing nutritional plans and diets for animals that meet their individual needs.
  • Monitoring the health of pets and farm animals to ensure optimal nutrition. 
  • Assisting animal owners with various dietary concerns such as allergies, weight management, or special dietary requirements.
Animal Nutritionist Median Salary$48,321 Annual

 7. Zoologist 

A Zoologist is an expert in the field of animal science who studies and researches all aspects of animals, including their behavior, genetics, physiology, and diseases. They use scientific methods to observe and analyze data in order to solve problems relating to animal health, conservation programs, ecosystem management plans, and other topics related to wildlife.

With an Animal Science degree, you can become a Zoologist with experience in the wild or within zoos/laboratories working alongside creatures from across the globe.

Zoologist Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct research to learn more about animals and their habitats.
  • Develop conservation methods to protect animal populations and habitats.
  • Monitor animal behavior in the wild and prepare reports on findings.
Zoologist Median Salary$63,489 Annual

 8. Animal trainer 

This job involves working closely with animals to teach them specific behaviors, tasks, or skills that they can then use in films, television shows, zoos, circuses, aquariums and more. Training may also involve teaching animals how to interact safely with people so visitors can view and enjoy them in captivity.

In addition to training the animal itself, a successful animal trainer must be able to work cooperatively with other trainers and handlers as well as understand the needs of each species they train. Animal Trainers are essential members of any team caring for animals used in entertainment or conservation efforts.

Animal trainer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement training plans for animals to help them learn new behaviours.
  • Monitor animal behaviour and health, providing appropriate care as needed.
  • Provide ongoing training and reinforcement of desired behaviours.
Animal trainer Median Salary$54,795 Annual

 9. Veterinary Sales Representative 

A Veterinary Sales Representative is an exciting and rewarding job that you can do with an Animal Science degree. As a Veterinary Sales Representative, you will be responsible for promoting animal health products to veterinarians, clinics, pet stores and other relevant organizations.

This role involves building relationships with key stakeholders while developing strategies to increase sales and market share of the company’s products. You will also need excellent communication skills in order to effectively educate professionals on the use of the company’s products. 

Veterinary Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain relationships with new and existing clients, veterinarians, farmers and pet owners.
  • Educate potential customers on the benefits of veterinary products and services. 
  • Monitor market trends in order to inform product development decisions and maximize sales opportunities.
Veterinary Sales Representative Median Salary$41,228 Annual

 10. Meat Inspector 

A Meat Inspector job is a perfect career choice for those who have an Animal Science degree. As a meat inspector, you will inspect and grade the quality of animal products such as beef, pork, veal, mutton and poultry to ensure it meets government standards for safety and wholesomeness.

You will also inspect slaughterhouses and other facilities involved in the production of meat-based products to make sure they meet health and safety regulations. With your Animal Science degree, you are well prepared to perform this important role which is essential in protecting public health.

Meat Inspector Job Responsibilities

  • Inspect meat processing facilities and equipment for compliance with applicable food safety standards.
  • Ensure that proper food handling procedures are being followed throughout the production process.
  • Test samples of finished products to verify quality control and safety requirements have been met.
Meat Inspector Median Salary$38,620 Annual

 11. Herdsman 

Herdsman is a job ideal for those with an animal science degree. A herdsman’s day-to-day tasks include caring for livestock, ensuring their health and welfare, as well as monitoring the growth of animals on a farm or ranch.

Herdsmen are responsible for breeding and selecting stock, providing necessary vaccinations and treatments to sick or injured animals, managing pastures and scheduling life cycles, such as calving season. With an animal science degree, individuals can find rewarding careers in this field that allow them to spend time outdoors surrounded by animals.

Herdsman Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and maintain the health of herd animals.
  • Identify and control pests, diseases, and parasites among herd animals. 
  • Provide food, water, shelter to herd animals as needed.
Herdsman Median Salary$40,371 Annual

 12. Animal Scientist 

An Animal Scientist job is a rewarding career for those with an Animal Science degree. This profession involves studying animal physiology, reproduction and nutrition in order to develop better methods of raising livestock. They also study genetics, health problems and husbandry techniques used in the care of animals.

The ultimate goal is to improve their health and productivity while ensuring efficient production systems. With this degree, you could potentially work in government offices, private companies or research facilities that are focused on improving animal welfare standards throughout the world.

Animal Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Researching animal genetics, nutrition, reproduction and behavior.
  • Developing new technologies to improve livestock production and health.
  • Monitoring animal environments for disease and habitat degradation.
Animal Scientist Median Salary$63,771 Annual

 13. Farm Manager 

A Farm Manager job is a great career option for those with an animal science degree. As a Farm Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of farm production, including crop and livestock management, animal health care and record keeping.

You’ll also be in charge of staff supervision, budgeting and marketing efforts to sell farm products. With your knowledge of animal science and agricultural practices, you will have the necessary qualifications to excel at this role.

Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Manage daily farm operations, including crop and livestock production activities.
  • Monitor financial performance of the farm to ensure efficiency and profitability.
  • Develop plans to optimize pest control, soil fertility, feeding systems and animal health care programs.
Farm Manager Median Salary$56,585 Annual

 14. Embryologist 

An Embryologist is a scientist who specializes in the study of embryo development and reproductive technologies. This field requires an animal science degree and encompasses research into the biology, genetics, and physiology of embryos during their early stages of development.

By studying embryos, embryologists are able to learn more about how genes interact with each other and environment to determine development outcomes. With this knowledge, they can make discoveries that help inform medical treatments for infertility or genetic diseases as well as support advancements made in stem cell research.

Embryologist Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and analyze the development of embryos during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.
  • Perform laboratory tests to assess embryo viability before transferring them into a patient’s uterus.
  • Develop protocols for IVF processes, including oocyte retrieval, IVF media preparation, and sperm preparation. techniques.
Embryologist Median Salary$69,507 Annual

 15. Laboratory Technician 

A Laboratory Technician job is an excellent choice for those with an Animal Science degree. As a Laboratory Technician, you will perform various tests to analyze animal products and feed, such as ash content, acidity, and moisture.

You will also be responsible for calibrating lab equipment and ensuring that safety protocols are followed. There is plenty of room for advancement in the field of laboratory technician work if you choose to pursue it with your Animal Science degree!

Laboratory Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Performing laboratory tests and analyses according to established protocols.
  • Maintaining laboratory equipment and ensuring accurate records.
  • Preparing samples for testing, analyzing results, and reporting findings.
Laboratory Technician Median Salary$40269 Annual

 16. Farrier 

A farrier is someone who specializes in the care of horses’ hooves, including trimming and shoeing them. To become a farrier, one typically needs to have some formal education or experience in animal science. An individual with an animal science degree has the knowledge and skills required for this position, as well as a better understanding of the anatomy, physiology and health of animals.

Working as a farrier requires excellent communication skills when working with trainers, riders, owners and other professionals associated with horse care. It also demands physical strength since horseshoeing can be both physically demanding and time-consuming work.

Farrier Job Responsibilities

  • Trim, balance and reset horseshoes to promote healthy hoof growth.
  • Inspect horses’ feet for signs of injury or illness, such as cracks, bruising or abscesses. 
  • Provide advice and guidance on the care of horse’s hooves and general health maintenance.
Farrier Median Salary$69,507 Annual

 17. Wildlife biologist 

A Wildlife biologist is a great career to pursue with an animal science degree. This job involves understanding the relationship between wildlife and their environment, managing wildlife habitats, and restoring ecosystems. Wildlife biologists also conduct research on animal populations, such as identifying species diversity or tracking population trends.

With this field comes a wide array of opportunities for engaging in conservation efforts both abroad and domestically. If you have an interest in ecology, nature protection, and studying animals, then becoming a wildlife biologist could be the perfect fit!

Wildlife biologist Job Responsibilities

  • Collect data on wildlife populations, through field studies and observations.
  • Develop conservation plans to protect species or habitats at risk of degradation or destruction. 
  • Monitor the effects of human activities on wildlife health and habitat quality.
Wildlife biologist Median Salary$63,264 Annual

 18. Bloodstock Agent 

A career as a Bloodstock Agent is one of the many rewarding opportunities available for those with an Animal Science degree. As a Bloodstock Agent, you will be responsible for finding and purchasing racehorses on behalf of clients, assessing their health and condition, performing background checks to ensure that any risks are minimized, negotiating prices, and creating contracts.

With your Animal Science degree in hand – along with strong knowledge of equine science – you’ll have all the necessary qualifications required for this job; such as good business acumen, negotiation skills and attention to detail.

Bloodstock Agent Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluating the quality and confirmation of horses for sale.
  • Negotiating purchases, sales, and other deals on behalf of clients.
  • Advise clients on the purchase, sale and evaluation of horses for racing or breeding purposes.
Bloodstock Agent Median Salary$40,954 Annual

 19. Agricultural Food Scientist 

A career as an Agricultural Food Scientist is a great choice for someone with an Animal Science degree. This job involves researching, developing and testing food products that are intended to be consumed by animals. The work can involve anything from formulating diets to conducting trials of feed ingredients in order to ensure the safety and nutrition of animal-sourced food items.

As an Agricultural Food Scientist, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with veterinarians, farmers and other stakeholders in order to develop safe and nutritious food products for animals.

Agricultural Food Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Developing new and innovative food products using agricultural commodities.
  • Investigating the chemical basis of flavor, texture, and color in foods.
  • Conducting research to determine how food affects animal nutrition and health.
Agricultural Food Scientist Median Salary$78,808 Annual

 20. Feedlot Manager 

Feedlot Manager is a job that anyone with an Animal Science degree can pursue. As a Feedlot Manager, you would be responsible for managing the daily operations of feedlots and cattle production facilities.

This could involve tasks such as supervising livestock care and handling, developing feeding plans, selecting feed ingredients to meet nutritional needs, ensuring animal health and safety standards are met, coordinating marketing efforts, negotiating contracts and more. With this position comes the opportunity to work with farmers and ranchers while applying your knowledge of animal science in a practical setting.

Feedlot Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Overseeing daily operations and ensuring the efficient functioning of feedlot activities.
  • Monitoring animal health, providing proper nutrition, and designing feeding plans.
  • Maintaining records of all feedlot activities, including costs, production levels, usage of resources and personnel management.
Feedlot Manager Median Salary$49,499 Annual

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