What Can You Do With A Spanish Degree? 16 Careers & Salaries

Do you have a Spanish degree but feel lost as to what your next step should be? Have no fear! In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best options available for those who are wondering “what can I do with my Spanish degree?”

From teaching abroad to working in translation or even using your language skills in marketing or business opportunities – there is an abundance of possibilities. Discover the choices that await and get ready to take on your next challenge!

What Can You Do With A Spanish Degree
  • With a Spanish degree, you can pursue a variety of career paths such as teaching, translating and interpreting, working in the tourism industry, or seeking out other job opportunities that require knowledge of the language and culture.
  • A Spanish degree provides an excellent foundation to help increase your global employability by giving you access to culturally diverse markets and increasing your understanding of international business practices. 
  • With fluency in both English and Spanish, there will be more demand for bilingual professionals who possess the ability to communicate with different cultural backgrounds effectively.
  • You can use your Spanish degree to further develop skills like diplomacy, negotiation tactics, and team building abilities which are all essential in today’s workforce. 
  • A Spanish degree also allows for intercultural exploration through internships abroad or study programs which give students valuable cultural insights that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

16 Jobs You Can Do With A Spanish Degree

 1. Bilingual Teacher 

A Spanish degree offers an exciting career opportunity as a bilingual teacher. As a bilingual teacher, you will be responsible for designing and delivering curricula to English-speaking students with limited proficiency in Spanish.

You will have the opportunity to help students develop their language skills while simultaneously teaching them about the culture and history of the Spanish-speaking world. With your knowledge of Spanish linguistics, grammar, and vocabulary, you can make learning fun and engage for your students!

Bilingual Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Provide instruction in Spanish to students of all levels.
  • Develop a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of a diverse student body.
  • Facilitate cross-cultural understanding between native English speakers and second language learners.
Bilingual Teacher Median Salary$50,379 Annual

 2. Translator 

A Spanish degree can lead to a career as a translator. Being bilingual in English and Spanish is an essential requirement for this kind of job, so having a degree in the language already gives you an advantage. Translators interpret written or spoken material from one language into another, ensuring accuracy and clarity of meaning.

They may work on business documents, medical texts, legal contracts or educational materials – all requiring high levels of attention to detail and endurance. A career as a translator can offer competitive wages and the opportunity to be creative with languages every day.

Translator Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure the accuracy and fidelity of translated materials.
  • Perform thorough research to ensure a high-quality translation output.
  • Maintain consistency throughout the translation process by following guidelines and terminology.
Translator Median Salary$46,748 Annual

 3. Bilingual Customer Support 

Bilingual Customer Support is an ideal job for those with a Spanish degree. In this role, you are responsible for providing customer service and support to clients who speak Spanish. This may include resolving technical issues or helping customers navigate the product or service being offered in their native language.

With bilingual customer support, you have the opportunity to use your knowledge and understanding of both English and Spanish to help people get the best possible experience from your company’s products or services.

Bilingual Customer Support Job Responsibilities

  • Provide prompt and accurate customer service responses in both Spanish and English language to customers.
  • Follow up on customer inquiries in a timely manner, ensuring timely resolution of any issues or complaints. 
  • Translate support materials into Spanish for use by the customer service team, as needed.
Bilingual Customer Support Median Salary$39,071 Annual

 4. Foreign Exchange Trader 

As a Foreign Exchange Trader, you can make use of your Spanish degree by monitoring the performance of the global currency markets and conducting strategic trades to capitalize on market fluctuations.

You will be responsible for researching economic conditions in foreign countries, understanding international currency exchange rates and developing high-level trading strategies in order to maximize profits. This job is perfect for those who have an interest in economics, as well as strong knowledge of business-related topics since it requires constant analysis and interpretation of financial data.

Foreign Exchange Trader Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor foreign exchange markets to spot trading opportunities and analyze market trends.
  • Execute currency trades for clients and manage their portfolios to maximize returns. 
  • Maintain a network of contacts in the financial markets, including other traders, analysts, brokers, and bankers.
Foreign Exchange Trader Median Salary$79,431 Annual

 5. International Relations Specialist 

An International Relations Specialist is a career path that can be pursued with a Spanish degree. As an International Relations Specialist, you will analyze domestic and international political issues, research economic trends, and develop strategies to address global challenges.

You’ll also help implement diplomatic initiatives between countries and evaluate their success. Your Spanish language skills will be invaluable in this role, as many international relations specialists work across cultures and are often responsible for interpreting cultural norms on behalf of their organization or country.

International Relations Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Advise government and private organizations on international relations matters.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for foreign governments and international organizations.
  • Monitor regional developments and trends to identify potential implications for national security.
International Relations Specialist Median Salary$61,521 Annual

 6. Tour Guide 

A tour guide job is an excellent option for someone with a Spanish degree. Tour guides lead groups of people on tours around cities and towns, often providing educational information about the local culture, history, and attractions.

Being bilingual in Spanish is helpful when interacting with visitors from other countries who may not speak English as their primary language. Additionally, having a knowledge of Spanish culture allows tour guides to better relate to their guests and provide more enriching experiences.

Tour Guide Job Responsibilities

  • Provide information and commentary on places of interest to the tour group.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all tour members throughout the journey.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction levels during the trip and make adjustments when necessary.
Tour Guide Median Salary$37,163 Annual

 7. Foreign Service Officer 

A Spanish degree can open the door to a rewarding career as a Foreign Service Officer. This job requires knowledge of foreign affairs, international relations, and diplomacy, combined with specialized language skills in Spanish.

As a Foreign Service Officer, you would represent the United States abroad in embassies and consulates around the world by providing services such as issuing visas or passports. You’ll serve your country while having access to exciting opportunities that come with traveling abroad.

Foreign Service Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Represent the United States abroad in diplomatic and consular capacities.
  • Promote U.S trade/investment interests, encourage regional cooperation and protect American overseas.
  • Produce reports on political, economic, social and cultural developments that impact foreign policy decisions.
Foreign Service Officer Median Salary$83,474 Annual

 8. UNESCO Official 

This job entails helping to promote education and cultural exchange among countries around the world through various forms of media. As an official, you would be responsible for managing international projects, organizing meetings and conferences, writing reports and preparing speeches for dignitaries.

A Spanish degree is beneficial in this role because it enables you to communicate with other countries in their native language. 

UNESCO Official Job Responsibilities

  • Promote international cooperation in education, science, and culture to further global peace and sustainability.
  • Develop programs that advance the values of UNESCO’s mandate.
  • Advance the cause of human rights through educational initiatives worldwide.
UNESCO Official Median Salary$66,000 Annual

 9. Bilingual Recruiter 

A Bilingual Recruiter is a great job to consider if you have a Spanish degree. In this role, you would be responsible for sourcing and interviewing candidates in both English and Spanish languages.

Additionally, you would need understand the cultural differences between the two languages to ensure successful recruitment outcomes. With your skillset and knowledge of the language combined with the right employer, this could be a very rewarding career path for someone with a Spanish degree!

Bilingual Recruiter Job Responsibilities

  • Source and recruit bilingual talent according to company needs.
  • Conduct interviews and assessments to evaluate the suitability of potential hires for various job openings. 
  • Offer support and guidance to successful candidates throughout the recruitment process.
Bilingual Recruiter Median Salary$50,543 Annual

 10. Bilingual Recruiter 

This position involves providing translation and interpreting services to members of the Spanish-speaking community in courtrooms and legal proceedings. The interpreter must possess excellent language skills, be familiar with legal terminology and cultural differences, as well as demonstrate excellent communication abilities.

With this degree, one can also find employment opportunities abroad or with international organizations such as the United Nations. It’s an exciting career that offers plenty of diversity!

Bilingual Recruiter Job Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate interpretation of courtroom proceedings from one language to another.
  • Remain impartial and confidential when interpreting in court cases.
  • Facilitate communication between all parties involved in a judicial proceeding, including the judge, attorneys, witnesses and defendants.
Bilingual Recruiter Median Salary$46,834 Annual

 11. International Banker 

This career involves managing accounts for international clients in various banking settings, such as investments, trades, and loans. An International Banker must also possess strong knowledge of global markets and be proficient in both Spanish and English to effectively communicate with clients from around the world.

Additionally, this position requires creative problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze complex financial data quickly. With a Spanish degree, individuals are equipped with the language fluency necessary to pursue a career as an International Banker while gaining valuable insight into different countries cultures.

International Banker Job Responsibilities

  • Advise customers on international banking procedures, regulations, and requirements.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with foreign banks to facilitate seamless transfers of funds across borders.
  • Developing strategies for optimizing investments in international marketplaces.
International Banker Median Salary$58,080 Annual

 12. Immigration Specialist 

An Immigration Specialist is a role that requires Spanish fluency, making it an excellent job choice for someone with a Spanish degree. Immigration Specialists review applications and documents to determine the eligibility of individuals seeking visas, permanent residency or other types of immigration status in their country of residence.

They evaluate immigration options for applicants, provide information about relevant laws and regulations, and assist them through the process. A strong knowledge of Spanish language, culture and international law are all essential skills for this position.

Immigration Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Interpreting and translating documents in Spanish for clients seeking immigration assistance.
  • Advising clients on the legal processes of applying for visas, green cards, naturalization and other forms.
  • Assisting with filing applications to the appropriate government agencies and following up on their status.
Immigration Specialist Median Salary$50,090 Annual

 13. Travel agent 

A Spanish degree is a great foundation for pursuing a career as a travel agent. With this knowledge, you can help others plan out their dream vacation in Spanish-speaking countries.

As a travel agent, you will be responsible for finding options that match the customer’s needs and budget while providing assistance with any visas or passports they might need to obtain before traveling. Additionally, your ability to speak Spanish can provide an extra level of comfort and security when dealing with customers coming from foreign countries.

Travel agent Job Responsibilities

  • Provide customer service and advice to potential customers about travel options available
  • Book tickets and accommodations for customers, as well as coordinate any additional services. 
  • Maintain updated knowledge of travel destinations, laws, regulations, promotions and discounts.
Travel agent Median Salary$39,421 Annual

 14. Journalist 

Journalism is an excellent career choice for those with a Spanish degree. You can use your knowledge of the language to create compelling stories and cover issues related to Hispanic populations, culture, and current affairs.

As a journalist, you will be able to report on local news from an expert perspective as well as write opinion pieces or features where Spanish is spoken. Additionally, if you have a strong grasp of the language you may also be able to translate materials for other outlets that require this skill set. 

Journalist Job Responsibilities

  • Research and report current news stories in an accurate and unbiased manner.
  • Investigate complex topics and write engaging articles that readers will find interesting.
  • Write accurate stories for publication in newspapers, magazines, websites or broadcast media outlets.
Journalist Median Salary$63,222 Annual

 15. Foreign Diplomat 

A career as a Foreign Diplomat is an excellent choice for anyone holding a degree in Spanish. As a Foreign Diplomat, you would represent your home country or other countries abroad and work to build diplomatic relationships by engaging with foreign governments, negotiating trade agreements and representing the interests of your country at international conferences.

Your expertise in Spanish language and culture combined with knowledge of international relations could make you an invaluable asset in this role.

Foreign Diplomat Job Responsibilities

  • Representing and promoting their country’s interests abroad.
  • Developing and strengthening bilateral ties with other countries.
  • Negotiating treaties, agreements, economic initiatives, and trade deals on behalf of their country.
Foreign Diplomat Median Salary$103,320 Annual

 16. Cultural Event Coordinator 

A Cultural Event Coordinator job is a great option for anyone with a Spanish degree. This position involves planning and organizing events related to Spanish culture, such as art exhibitions, lectures, book readings, and more. The coordinator must possess strong organizational skills and be able to effectively communicate with people of all cultural backgrounds.

Being bilingual in both English and Spanish will help make the role easier. This job is perfect for someone looking to use their Spanish degree while also getting some hands-on experience in event planning!

Cultural Event Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop cultural event concepts and plans that align with the organization’s objectives and budget.
  • Coordinate logistics for events, including venue selection, catering, vendors and other service providers. 
  • Promote events through various marketing channels such as social media, email campaigns and press releases.
Cultural Event Coordinator Median Salary$41,537Annual

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