What Can You Do With A Software Engineering Degree?15 Careers & Salaries

As technology continues to evolve and permeate our lives, the need for Software Engineers has never been greater. But what can you do with a software engineering degree? It’s an important question, especially when considering the investment of time and money that goes into obtaining such qualifications.

The good news is that there are some great career paths available to graduates in this field, ranging from software development to data analytics. In this article, we explore 15 of the best options open to those with a software engineering degree.

  • With a software engineering degree, you can develop and design the latest technologies in addition to being able to work on exciting projects for leading companies.
  • Software engineering graduates are highly sought-after by employers because of their technical expertise and ability to apply problem-solving skills effectively.
  • A software engineering degree offers career flexibility; you can choose from various roles such as a software engineer, programmer, or systems analyst – depending on your specialties and interests.
  • The knowledge gained from a software engineering degree is transferable across different industries; it will enable you to find employment in sectors outside of technology too.
  • Software engineering graduates often have higher salaries compared with those who hold other degrees due to the complex nature of programming languages that must be learnt during this course of study.

15 Jobs You Can Do With A Software Engineering Degree

 1. Application Developer 

Application Developers use software engineering principles to create, maintain and improve applications. With a software engineering degree, individuals can gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to become successful as an Application Developers.

They will have an understanding of programming languages like Java, C++, and Python and be able to develop various types of user interfaces for web-based applications. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable about database design principles and be able to debug any issues that arise with code or architecture.

Application Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with engineers, designers, and software analysts to design, develop, and implement new features into existing applications.
  • Monitor performance of applications and troubleshoot any issues that arise in order to ensure optimal functioning. 
  • Develop custom software components according to user requirements using appropriate programming languages such as C++, Java, or Python.
Application Developer Median Salary$92,144 Annual

 2. Video Game Designer 

A Software Engineering degree can be the perfect start to a career as a Video Game Designer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for creating the look, feel, and mechanics of video games, whether they are released on consoles or mobile platforms.

You’ll need an understanding of gaming systems, coding languages, user interface design, and more in order to create groundbreaking titles that captivate players around the world. With a software engineering degree in hand and your creative flair unleashed you could be part of some amazing game development projects!

Video Game Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Create detailed game design documents that specify a video game’s functionality, mechanics, and story elements.
  • Develop prototypes to test the viability of gameplay ideas and ensure performance optimization is met.
  • Collaborate with software engineers to implement new features, create entertaining gaming experiences, and resolve technical issues.
Video Game Designer Median Salary$75,084 Annual

 3. Web developer  

As a Web Developer, you can use your Software Engineering degree to create user-friendly websites and web applications. With your knowledge of programming languages, coding standards and databases, you will be able to design efficient solutions for clients or corporations based on their needs.

Additionally, good communication skills are essential as you need to interact with other professionals in a variety of job roles such as UX designers, project managers, and software engineers. In today’s digital age, Web Development is an essential part of any company’s growth strategy, and having a Software Engineering degree will give you the perfect foundation for success.

Web developer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop web applications and websites to meet customer needs while staying on budget and timeline.
  • Design, develop, debug, maintain, and enhance software systems in accordance with quality assurance standards.
  • Utilize Agile methodology to ensure that all changes are properly implemented and tested thoroughly before release.
Web developer Median Salary$40,000  Annual

 4. Cyber Security Analyst 

A Cyber Security Analyst is a great job for someone with a Software Engineering degree. As a Cyber Security Analyst, you would be responsible for protecting organizations from malicious attacks, identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities in systems, preventing unauthorized access to data or networks, and responding to security incidents.

You will need strong analytical skills as well as knowledge of programming languages such as C++ and Java. With your software engineering degree, you can apply your technical expertise to this role and help keep businesses safe online.

Cyber Security Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor network activity for suspicious activities and analyze any detected threats to the system or data.
  • Develop security strategies, policies, and procedures to protect against cyber-attacks and other malicious software programs.
  • Install firewalls, anti-virus software, malware protection systems, and other computer security measures on corporate networks and workstations.
Cyber Security Analyst Median Salary$82,785 Annual

 5. Software Developer 

As a software developer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining software applications. With a degree in Software Engineering, you can use your knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++ to create high-quality software solutions.

You could work on projects that range from mobile applications to large-scale enterprise systems. Plus, as the tech industry continues to grow, there is great potential for career advancement and salary growth throughout your career.

Software Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Design and develop efficient software solutions to meet customer requirements.
  • Debug existing software systems and troubleshoot for errors or problems.
  • Track and monitor system performance, suggest improvements, and implement changes as needed.
Software Developer Median Salary$88,475 Annual

 6. IT Consultant 

An IT Consultant job is an exciting opportunity for those with a software engineering degree to apply their knowledge of computer systems and networks in the workplace. They advise clients on how to use information technology effectively and help them solve technical problems.

This job requires excellent problem-solving skills, strong communication abilities, and knowledge of programming languages. With the right combination of knowledge and experience, an IT Consultant can help organizations maximize their use of technology while minimizing costs.

IT Consultant Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing clients’ business requirements and creating technical solutions that meet their specific needs.
  • Designing, developing, and testing software applications to ensure they are secure and efficient. 
  • Training clients on how to use the new software systems created for them in order to maximize efficiency within their organization.
IT Consultant Median Salary$79,066 Annual

 7. Software Project Manager 

Software Project Managers are responsible for successfully overseeing software development projects. With a degree in Software Engineering, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a Software Project Manager.

In this role, you will plan and coordinate every step of the project while also managing budgets and timelines. You’ll need to have excellent communication skills in order to liaise with stakeholders and technical team members throughout the process, ensuring successful outcomes on all projects.

Software Project Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Managing software development teams and ensure that project goals are met within the prescribed time, budget, and quality standards.
  • Coordinating with stakeholders to determine project scope, timeline, budgets, deliverables, and resource requirements.
  • Overseeing the design, implementation, and testing of software applications while ensuring compliance with industry best practices like Agile/Scrum methodologies.
Software Project Manager Median Salary$95,078 Annual

 8. Information Systems Manager 

This job involves managing all the information systems related to an organization, such as databases, networking, and security infrastructure. It also includes ensuring that end users of these systems have access to their data in a secure and efficient manner.

As an Information Systems Manager, you will need excellent technical skills in order to be successful. You must also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge of industry best practices and trends. With this combination of skills, you can be confident that your experience has given you the necessary tools to excel in this position.

Information Systems Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee the design and development of software engineering projects, ensuring completion within deadlines and budgets.
  • Facilitate communication between software engineers, hardware professionals, project managers, and other stakeholders involved in IS initiatives.
  • Develop strategies to improve system performance, reliability, scalability, and security for various applications.
Information Systems Manager Median Salary$105,756 Annual

 9. Multimedia Programmer 

A Multimedia Programmer is an exciting and engaging job for those who have a software engineering degree. The role involves creating interactive multimedia applications, such as websites, games, animations, simulations, and more. It requires strong technical skills in coding languages like HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and advanced programming techniques.

Additionally, the job entails design elements for visually pleasing results. With a software engineering degree, you are well-equipped to pursue this creative career opportunity with confidence.

Multimedia Programmer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop interactive and visually engaging multimedia applications for web, mobile, and console platforms.
  • Design user interfaces for video, audio, animation, and other media-rich software programs. 
  • Troubleshoot multimedia programming issues to ensure smooth operation of software systems in a timely manner.
Multimedia Programmer Median Salary$72,726 Annual

 10. Data scientist 

Data scientists are increasingly in demand, and a software engineering degree is an excellent way to start a career in this field. Data scientists use their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, algorithms, computer science, and data analysis to identify patterns and trends within vast datasets.

Their main goal is to generate insights that can be used by businesses or organizations to inform decisions or strategies. With the right combination of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and creativity, software engineers can make excellent data scientists with the right qualifications.

Data scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement machine learning models for data analysis, predictive modeling, and forecasting.
  • Work with engineers to optimize the design of software solutions that use data science techniques. 
  • Design experiments and use statistical methods to evaluate the effectiveness of algorithms and systems.
Data scientist Median Salary$103,152 Annual

 11. Network administrator 

A Network Administrator is an important role for organizations that rely on computer networks to operate. With a software engineering degree, you can equip yourself with the necessary skills and qualifications to become a successful Network Administrator.

Being a Network Administrator involves tasks such as configuring and troubleshooting networking hardware, ensuring system security, implementing new network solutions, managing user accounts, and more. This profession requires analytical thinking and excellent problem-solving skills which are both core aspects of any Software Engineering degree program.

Network administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain company computer networks, including hardware installation and repair, software upgrades and testing.
  • Develop strategies to ensure system reliability, performance optimization, security compliance and application compatibility.
  • Oversee network infrastructure such as routers, switches, access points, and firewalls to ensure optimum performance of computer systems.
Network administrator Median Salary$63,952 Annual

 12. Solutions Architect 

As a Solutions Architect, you will be responsible for evaluating the technical architecture of applications and programs in order to make sure they meet customer requirements and business goals. You will also ensure that all systems are stable and secure while providing guidance on best practices to help teams design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and improve their applications.

With your software engineering degree, you can use your knowledge of programming languages, database management systems, and system integration to create effective solutions that provide maximum value.

Solutions Architect Job Responsibilities

  • Develop technical architecture design documents to support software development and deployment initiatives.
  • Implement robust cloud-based solutions that meet customer requirements while adhering to established architectural standards and best practices.
  • Provide guidance, mentorship, and technical leadership for project teams throughout all phases of the software engineering life cycle.
Solutions Architect Median Salary$123,090 Annual

 13. Full Stack Engineer 

A Full Stack Engineer is a job that can be done with a software engineering degree. This job involves creating and working on both the client-side and server-side of an application. The engineer is responsible for ensuring that all components of the application work together efficiently and as expected.

With this position, engineers have the opportunity to create innovative solutions, learn new technologies quickly, and make meaningful contributions to technology companies.

Full Stack Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and maintaining back-end applications using various programming languages, frameworks, and databases.
  • Designing user interface (UI) components for front-end web and mobile applications.
  • Testing software to ensure functionality and identify bugs or performance issues.
Full Stack Engineer Median Salary$99,252 Annual

 14. Backend Engineer 

A Backend Engineer is a great choice for someone with a software engineering degree. This job involves creating and managing the back end of websites, including coding databases, server-side applications, and other technical components.

The Backend Engineer must have strong problem-solving skills and knowledge of computer programming languages such as Java and SQL. With this position, you will be able to work on projects that are both challenging and rewarding.

Backend Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and maintain efficient, secure, and scalable backend applications.
  • Create APIs to enable the integration of data across multiple systems or services. 
  • Optimize existing databases and create new ones to increase the efficiency of data access and manipulation processes.
Backend Engineer Median Salary$108,015 Annual

 15. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer 

A Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer is a specialized role that requires software engineering experience and knowledge. This job focuses on ensuring the quality of software products before they are released to customers. SQA Engineers design and execute tests, inspect codes for errors and provide feedback to developers in order to improve the product before its release.

With a software engineering degree, individuals can develop their skills in coding, technical writing, and problem-solving with an emphasis on quality assurance which will help prepare them for this role.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain test plans and strategies to ensure the quality of software products.
  • Identify, document, and track defects in software applications throughout the development life cycle. 
  • Monitor system performance to detect potential issues and recommend solutions for improvement.
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer Median Salary$56,500 Annual

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