What Can You Do With A Paralegal Degree?12 Career & Salaries

Are you a recent graduate with a paralegal degree and don’t know what to do next? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. With the growing demand for legal professionals in our society, there are many opportunities available for those who hold a paralegal degree.

In this post, we will explore some of the best options available to those with a paralegal degree. From working in law firms to joining government agencies or even starting your own business – there’s something for everyone! So if you’re wondering “what can I do with my paralegal degree?” read on for answers!

What Can You Do With A Paralegal Degree
  • A paralegal degree can provide a great starting point for beginning your career in the legal field, as it provides you with key foundational knowledge that is necessary for success.
  • With a paralegal degree, you can gain valuable skills such as research and writing abilities that are in demand from law firms and corporations alike. 
  • The job market for paralegals has been steadily increasing over recent years and is expected to grow even more due to an aging population, increasing demand for legal services and technological advances which streamline the way rules are applied by lawyers. 
  • Paralegals have the opportunity to work side-by-side with experienced attorneys providing vital support in a variety of areas including contract review, document preparation, case management and administrative tasks related to litigation or corporate matters.
  • Earning a paralegal degree also offers good prospects of salary growth over time as one gains experience within their chosen area of specialization – whether it’s real estate law or intellectual property protection.

12 Jobs You Can Do With A Paralegal Degree

 1. Paralegal 

A paralegal degree can open up a range of career opportunities. As a paralegal, you will be responsible for assisting attorneys in the preparation of legal documents and researching case law to help lawyers make informed decisions. Paralegals provide valuable support to attorneys by working on cases with them and ensuring that all paperwork is filed correctly in court.

This job requires excellent research skills, communication abilities, and an understanding of the legal system. With a paralegal degree, you can specialize in various areas such as real estate law, criminal law or family law so you can tailor your education to match what area interests you most.

Paralegal Job Responsibilities

  • Assist attorneys in preparing legal documents, such as pleadings and appeals.
  • Research facts of cases to ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant laws.
  • Communicate with clients, witnesses, opposing counsels and court personnel on behalf of the attorney.
Paralegal Median Salary$54,090 Annual

 2. Legislative Assistant 

A Legislative Assistant is a great career option for someone with a Paralegal degree. These professionals assist legislators in researching, drafting and analyzing legislation as well as helping to review and analyze the impact of proposed or existing laws.

They also monitor legislative activities, track changes in law, attend hearings and monitor state or federal agencies regarding related issues. With their knowledge of legal terminology and research abilities they are perfectly suited to this role requiring an understanding of government processes.

Legislative Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Drafting and revising legislative documents, including bills, amendments, resolutions and talking points. 
  • Monitoring policy developments related to assigned committees or topics.
  • Assisting with constituent casework and inquiries regarding legislation or government services.
Legislative Assistant Median Salary$61,607 Annual

 3. Real Estate Professional 

Real Estate Professionals are responsible for managing and overseeing the entire process of buying, selling and leasing real estate. They assist clients in determining their needs, finding suitable properties, negotiating sale prices and ensuring that all documents are completed correctly according to state laws.

With a Paralegal degree, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed as a Real Estate Professional – including an understanding of legal documents and processes related to property transactions. You will also have the skills necessary to interpret contracts and other paperwork associated with real estate sales.

Real Estate Professional Job Responsibilities

  • Advising clients on the current real estate market and helping them make sound investment decisions.
  • Negotiating purchase or sale contracts with potential buyers and sellers.
  • Arranging for home inspections, appraisals, financing, title searches, surveys, and other services.
Real Estate Professional Median Salary$74,254 Annual

 4. Legal Transcriptionist 

A paralegal degree can open the door to an exciting career as a Legal Transcriptionist. This position requires excellent listening and typing skills, along with knowledge of legal terminology. Working remotely is often available for those who meet certain qualifications.

Legal Transcriptionists have the responsibility of transcribing audio recordings of court proceedings, depositions, meetings, interviews and other legal documents into written form for review by attorneys or others in need of such information.With this job comes great flexibility and freedom from the traditional office environment.

Legal Transcriptionist Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare accurate and timely transcripts of legal proceedings based on audio recordings or written notes.
  • Proofread finished transcripts for accuracy, formatting and grammar errors.
  • Research any unfamiliar terms or technical language to ensure accuracy in the transcriptions.
Legal Transcriptionist Median Salary$49,650 Annual

 5. HR Representative 

This role involves the recruiting, screening and interviewing of employees, as well as ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies. It also entails employee onboarding and offboarding process management, payroll administration, benefits administration, training coordination and other administrative responsibilities necessary to keep an organization running smoothly.

With their legal knowledge base, paralegals are perfect candidates for this role; they understand complex regulations and have strong communication skills needed to handle personnel issues effectively.

HR Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Recruiting and onboarding new employees.
  • Developing, implementing and administering personnel policies.
  • Facilitating employee relations and providing conflict resolution.
HR Representative Median Salary$52,475 Annual

 6. Law Clerk 

A Law Clerk job can be a great way to use your paralegal degree. A law clerk is responsible for researching the facts and legal issues of cases, summarizing their findings, preparing memorandums and briefs, attending court proceedings with attorneys, maintaining case files and logs, organizing exhibits and documents for trial preparation, interviewing witnesses as well as clients.

In addition to these tasks, Law Clerks often help supervise junior staff members on complex projects such as litigation document production. With a paralegal degree you will have the necessary skills needed to work in this position.

Law Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Researching laws, regulations and legal issues relevant to assigned cases.
  • Drafting legal memoranda, motions, pleadings and other documents related to the case. 
  • Assisting attorneys in trial preparation by summarizing deposition transcripts and evidence materials.
Law Clerk Median Salary$56,384 Annual

 7. Legal Researcher 

Legal researchers are integral members of the legal team. With a paralegal degree, one can become a legal researcher and assist attorneys in conducting research to help them build strong cases for their clients.

Legal researchers help lawyers prepare for trials by researching current laws related to the case at hand and assisting with evidence collection. They also have an important role in helping attorneys locate relevant documents or other information necessary for successful case preparation.

Legal Researcher Job Responsibilities

  • Conducting legal research to find relevant statutes, case laws, regulations and other legal resources.
  • Analyzing data from various sources to draw out new insights. 
  • Drafting memoranda or reports based on research findings.
Legal Researcher Median Salary$56,624 Annual

 8. Compliance Officer 

A Compliance Officer is a great job for those looking to use their paralegal degree. Compliance Officers help organizations ensure that they remain in full compliance with laws and regulations, as well as internal policies.

They also investigate potential violations of laws or regulations, conduct audits, review financial records and documents, and monitor changes in the regulatory environment. With a paralegal degree, you can become an effective Compliance Officer who helps maintain their organization’s compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor and enforce compliance with regulatory standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Investigate potential violations of regulations or internal policies.
  • Provide guidance on compliance matters to all levels of the organization including senior management.
Compliance Officer Median Salary$68,591 Annual

 9. Contracts Administrator 

A Contracts Administrator job is a great option for those with a paralegal degree. This type of job involves preparing, negotiating and executing contracts such as supply, service and employment agreements. It also requires knowledge of laws related to contract formation and their enforcement.

Furthermore, the Contracts Administrator will review contracts to ensure compliance with relevant statutes and regulations. With this role, you can have an impact on the success of the company by helping them create secure business relationships with other entities through effective negotiation of terms and conditions.

Contracts Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Ensuring contracts are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Manage the entire contract life cycle, from negotiation to renewal or termination of agreements.
  • Maintain accurate records and documentation related to contractual arrangements.
Contracts Administrator Median Salary$57,127 Annual

 10. Court Reporter 

A Court Reporter job is a great option for those with a paralegal degree. This career involves taking and transcribing verbatim records of court proceedings while in session, using specialized shorthand or steno machines.

Being detail-oriented and having excellent listening and transcription skills are essential to this job, making it perfect for someone with the knowledge gained from their paralegal degree. Additionally, court reporters often work remotely or freelancing as independent contractors so they have greater control over their own schedule.

Court Reporter Job Responsibilities

  • Transcribe spoken testimony, verbatim, during court proceedings.
  • Create written transcripts of legal proceedings and other recorded materials.
  • Maintain accuracy and integrity of all records created in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Court Reporter Median Salary$49,234 Annual

 11. Law Enforcement Officer 

A career as a Law Enforcement Officer is an excellent choice for anyone with a paralegal degree. This exciting and rewarding job involves enforcing the laws of society, preventing crime, apprehending criminals, and providing protection to citizens.

Being in law enforcement requires strong communication and interpersonal skills, organizational ability, integrity and dedication to upholding justice. With a paralegal degree you will have the knowledge of legal principles necessary to excel in this field.

Law Enforcement Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Enforcing laws and maintaining public safety.
  • Investigating crimes and apprehending suspects. 
  • Responding to emergency calls and providing first aid where necessary.
Law Enforcement Officer Median Salary$54,386 Annual

 12. Intellectual Property Attorney 

An Intellectual Property Attorney is a perfect job for those who have earned their paralegal degree. These attorneys specialize in identifying, protecting, and defending the intellectual property rights of clients. They are experts in copyright law, trademark registrations, contract negotiation and dispute resolution.

With their legal knowledge, they can represent clients in court proceedings related to patents or other intellectual property disputes. By gaining experience working as a paralegal first, this degree provides you with the skills necessary to become an Intellectual Property attorney so that you can help protect your client’s creations and ideas.

Intellectual Property Attorney Job Responsibilities

  • Advising clients on intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark issues.
  • Drafting assignments, licenses and other agreements related to IP protection and exploitation.
  • Representing clients in negotiations, arbitration or litigation concerning IP disputes.
Intellectual Property Attorney Median Salary$85,325 Annual

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