What Can You Do With A Medical Degree? 14 Careers & Salaries

If you’re a medical school graduate, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. While most assume that holding an MD means that you are limited in your career choices, the truth is quite the opposite. With a medical degree comes an array of different opportunities and paths that can take your professional life far beyond traditional medicine.

In this post, we will explore some of the best options available for those who have completed their medical degrees in order to help them decide which path to pursue going forward.

What Can You Do With A Medical Degree
  • A medical degree provides broad career options – from clinical practice to research.
  • Being a doctor is highly rewarding as it offers the opportunity to help others in need, save lives and positively impact health outcomes on a daily basis.
  • Medical degrees offer job security with stable employment prospects across the public and private healthcare sectors.
  • Doctors have access to higher remuneration packages than many other professions due to their unique skillset and qualifications in medicine.
  • Pursuing a medical degree allows you to become an expert in your field, gain specialist knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and diseases that can be applied throughout your professional life.

14 Jobs You Can Do With A Medical Degree

 1. Public Health Worker 

Public Health Workers are medical professionals who help protect and improve the health of communities. With a medical degree, one can work in public health as an epidemiologist, public policy analyst, or health program administrator.

They use their knowledge of medicine to research causes and effects of diseases, create educational materials for populations at risk of health problems, advocate for better healthcare access, evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs related to public health issues like obesity or HIV/AIDS prevention, and devise strategies for improving overall community wellness.

Public Health Worker Job Responsibilities

  • Provide education and awareness about public health issues.
  • Design and implement programs to improve community health.
  • Monitor the population for disease outbreaks or other public health concerns.
Public Health Worker Median Salary$56,999 Annual

 2. Anesthesiologist 

Anesthesiologists are physicians with a medical degree who specialize in the administration of anesthesia to patients. They are responsible for monitoring and managing the overall health of their patient during procedures, assessing vital signs and administering pain relief medications before, during and after surgical or other medical procedures.

Anesthesiologists must be knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and other areas related to surgery as well as capable of making critical decisions; they also work closely with surgeons throughout the entire procedure. An anesthesiologist career is challenging yet rewarding due to its importance in ensuring patient safety while providing effective pain relief management.

Anesthesiologist Job Responsibilities

  • Administer anesthetics to patients undergoing surgical and medical procedures.
  • Monitor the physiological effect of anesthesia on patients.
  • Provide pain management treatments for postoperative, chronic and acute pain conditions.
Anesthesiologist Median Salary$51,473 Annual

 3. Paramedic 

Paramedic is a rewarding career for those with medical degrees. Working on the front lines of healthcare, paramedics are responsible for providing emergency care and transportation to critically ill or injured patients.

To become a paramedic, you need to have training in advanced life support skill sets such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). In addition to possessing a medical degree, paramedics must also be certified by their respective state’s EMS Certification Board in order to practice.

Paramedic Job Responsibilities

  • Respond to emergency calls, assess patients’ conditions, and administer appropriate treatments.
  • Provide basic medical care such as bandaging wounds and administering medication.
  • Transport sick or injured patients to medical facilities for further treatment.
Paramedic Median Salary$359,300 Annual

 4. Health Educator 

A health educator seeks to improve the public’s overall health by helping to raise awareness of various health-related issues, such as nutrition and disease prevention. They often work in hospitals, community centers, schools or government agencies, providing information and resources on topics such as lifestyle modifications for chronic conditions or general physical fitness.

Additionally, they assess the needs of the population in order to create programs tailored for individual communities. This career allows those who have aspirations of making an impact on people’s lives while also utilizing their medical knowledge.

Health Educator Job Responsibilities

  • Deliver health education and promotion programs to communities, individuals and organizations.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate health education strategies that support the adoption of healthy lifestyles. 
  • Collaborate with other professionals to develop comprehensive approaches to address public health issues.
Health Educator Median Salary$49,680 Annual

 5. Clinical radiologist 

A Clinical Radiologist is a specialized medical professional who diagnoses and treats diseases of the human body using imaging technology. They are responsible for interpreting X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and other forms of medical imaging to diagnose conditions such as cancer or cardiovascular disease.

Clinical Radiologists must have a strong academic background in medicine and a good understanding of physics and mathematics in order to use their advanced knowledge of anatomy effectively when diagnosing patients through imaging technologies. With the right qualifications, this job can be an excellent choice for those with a Medical Degree.

Clinical radiologist Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze and interpret imaging studies to diagnose medical conditions.
  • Provide advice to referring physicians on appropriate diagnostic tests.
  • Advise patients and families on the risks and benefits of radiologic procedures.
Clinical radiologist Median Salary$298,000 Annual

 6. Forensic Medical Examiner 

Forensic Medical Examiners are professionals who use their medical degrees to investigate and document the cause of death in cases involving suspicious, violent or unnatural deaths. They examine the scene of death, perform autopsies and analyze evidence in order to determine a cause of death.

This requires extensive knowledge of anatomy, pathology and forensic science as well as experience with laboratory techniques. In addition to investigating potential criminal activity, Forensic Medical Examiners also testify in court when necessary and can provide expert opinions on questions related to medical issues or causes of death.

Forensic Medical Examiner Job Responsibilities

  • Collect and analyze evidence from crime scenes and examinations of victims.
  • Provide expert testimony in court regarding the medical aspects of criminal cases.
  • Prepare written reports to document findings for law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, etc.
Forensic Medical Examiner Median Salary$67,329 Annual

 7. Medical Teacher 

A Medical Teacher is an important and rewarding job for someone with a medical degree. You will be responsible for teaching students about the field of medicine in order to prepare them for their future careers.

As a Medical Teacher, you can shape the minds of those who are passionate about becoming doctors and nurses, giving your pupils the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in this highly competitive industry. With a medical degree, you can become a Medical Teacher and help guide our healthcare professionals of tomorrow!

Medical Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare and deliver lectures, seminars and tutorials to students in a variety of medical topics.
  • Prepare educational materials such as lecture notes, powerpoint presentations, student handouts etc. 
  • Evaluate students’ learning progress through assessments testing, examinations and feedback sessions.
Medical Teacher Median Salary$50,032 Annual

 8. Medical Claims Specialist 

Working as a Medical Claims Specialist is an excellent job opportunity for those with a medical degree. A Medical Claims Specialist reviews, evaluates and processes medical claims submitted to insurance companies or government agencies. This career requires knowledge of relevant laws, regulations and practices related to processing health care claims.

Medical Claims Specialists can find rewarding work in hospitals, physician offices and other health care-related organizations. With their strong knowledge base and specialized skillset, they are able to ensure accurate reimbursement payments while preventing fraudulent activities from occurring.

Medical Claims Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • Verify patient eligibility and coverage for health insurance claims.
  • Process medical billing forms and generate accurate invoices.
  • Follow up on unpaid or denied claims and resolve discrepancies.
Medical Claims Specialist Median Salary$40,783 Annual

 9. Surgeon 

The surgeon is a highly specialized and demanding job that requires extensive education and training. With a medical degree, individuals can enter into this field of work and provide life-saving treatments to patients.

As a surgeon, one must have excellent communication skills in order to effectively diagnose and treat patients while also showing empathy for them during their challenging moments. In addition, surgeons must be able to stay calm under pressure while making decisions quickly with the utmost accuracy.

Surgeon Job Responsibilities

  • Provide medical care and surgical treatment to patients with illness or injury.
  • Educate patients on preventive health measures and lifestyle changes for healthier outcomes.
  • Perform diagnostic tests, interpret test results, and develop patient treatment plans accordingly.
Surgeon Median Salary$207,225 Annual

 10. Pharmaceutical Research Scientist 

This job involves developing new medicines and treatments to fight disease, conducting research using clinical trials, analyzing data from studies, and providing insights into potential solutions. In addition to the scientific knowledge required for this role, working in pharmaceuticals also requires interpersonal skills like teamwork and communication abilities.

With a medical degree in hand, individuals can pursue this rewarding career path by demonstrating their specialized knowledge of healthcare principles while utilizing problem-solving abilities to develop innovative improvements.

Pharmaceutical Research Scientist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, optimize and evaluate pharmaceuticals for efficacy, safety and stability.
  • Design and execute experiments to test the effects of active ingredients on biological systems.
  • Analyze data from drug trials to inform product development decisions.
Pharmaceutical Research Scientist Median Salary$117,828 Annual

 11. Medical Sales Representative 

Medical Sales Representatives have the opportunity to use their medical background as well as their sales skills to promote products and services related to healthcare. This job requires both a deep understanding of medicine, and the ability to influence customers and prospects through persuasive presentations.

The job involves extensive travel, customer visits and clinical market research. With a medical degree, a Medical Sales Representative can leverage their knowledge in order to provide an expert perspective on how products or services fit into existing clinical practices and protocols.

Medical Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement sales strategies to increase market share of medical products.
  • Establish strong relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions.
  • Market the product through attending trade shows, seminars and other events.
Medical Sales Representative Median Salary$75,231 Annual

 12. Pharmacologist 

A career as a pharmacologist can be an exciting and rewarding choice for those with a medical degree. Pharmacologists study the effects of drugs on living organisms, creating new treatments and medications while researching existing medicines to ensure they are safe and effective.

In this role, individuals have the opportunity to combine their knowledge of medicine with their research skills in order to develop solutions that improve patient health outcomes. With successful experience, pharmacologists could potentially go on to create breakthroughs in medication delivery or even discover entirely new treatments and cures.

Pharmacologist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and monitor medication therapy plans for patients.
  • Educate other healthcare professionals about appropriate drug therapies.
  • Advise healthcare practitioners on the selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects of medications.
Pharmacologist Median Salary$166,163 Annual

 13. Clinical Data Manager 

Clinical Data Manager is a great job option for those with a medical degree. Clinical Data Managers are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing clinical data from research studies or healthcare institutions. They must have excellent computer and analytical skills in order to ensure accurate data collection and analysis.

This role requires knowledge of medical terminology as well as an understanding of patient confidentiality procedures associated with the study’s protocol. With a medical degree, you can become qualified for this important role that contributes to improving health outcomes within the community.

Clinical Data Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure accurate and timely data entry of clinical trial information into databases.
  • Monitor the quality of collected data throughout the study process to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Develop reports, summaries, and presentations that support decision-making regarding clinical trial results.
Clinical Data Manager Median Salary$79,210 Annual

 14. Medical Manager 

 This job involves overseeing the daily operations of a hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facility, from developing budgets to managing staff. It also requires excellent organizational skills and an understanding of how healthcare works at all levels.

Medical Managers must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and ensure that all decisions are made with patient safety as the top priority. For those seeking an exciting career path in healthcare, becoming a Medical Manager can provide great rewards both financially and professionally.

Medical Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures for medical staff.
  • Ensuring the quality of patient care is maintained according to standards set by the organization.
  • Overseeing staffing needs, budgeting, and financial planning for the medical facility.
Medical Manager Median Salary$63,878 Annual

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