What Can You Do With A Food Science Degree?13 Careers & Salaries

Are you freshly graduated with a food science degree and feeling confused about what to do next? Don’t worry! There are plenty of exciting career paths you can explore.

From food product development and sensory analysis to quality assurance and nutrition, this post will provide an overview of the many possibilities that come along with a food science degree. Read on for more information about where your newly attained qualifications might take you.

What Can You Do With A Food Science Degree
  • A degree in food science can open the door to a wide variety of career opportunities, from research and development, to quality assurance and operations management. 
  • Food scientists have the unique opportunity to innovate with exciting new products and technologies that are changing the way we eat.
  • The field of food science is growing rapidly as there is an increased demand for safe and nutritious foods worldwide.
  • Having a degree in food science allows you access to many high-paying jobs within this industry.
  • With a degree in food science, you’ll be able to work on projects related to agriculture, nutrition, health sciences, technology and more!

13 Jobs You Can Do With A Food Science Degree

 1. Food Technologist 

A Food Technologist is a professional who works with food science to develop, design and improve food products. With a degree in Food Science, you can pursue a career as a Food Technologist, where you will be responsible for creating safe and nutritious foods that meet the needs of consumers.

You’ll also work closely with nutritionists to ensure that your creations are healthy and adhere to federal regulations. As a Food Technologist, you will use cutting-edge technology and scientific principles to create new recipes or methods of preparing existing foods.

Food Technologist Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and improving food products according to consumer needs and preferences.
  • Monitoring product safety standards and assessing the nutritional value of foods. 
  • Testing new recipes and ingredients, as well as processing methods.
Food Technologist Median Salary$48,429 Annual

 2. Technical Brewer 

Technical Brewers are highly sought after professionals in the beer industry. With a degree in Food Science, one can be well-poised to become a Technical Brewer. The main responsibility of a Technical Brewer is to ensure that the brewing process and quality standards for their product are met by monitoring all stages of fermentation, packaging, and other processes throughout production.

This requires strong analytical skills and an understanding of food science concepts like yeast metabolism or biochemistry. Additionally, they must have complete knowledge of sanitation protocols and safety procedures in order to maintain high levels of quality assurance during production.

Technical Brewer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain recipes for new or existing beers.
  • Monitor fermentation, clarify beer, filter beer, add yeast nutrients/sugars/fruit etc as needed.
  • Utilize laboratory instruments to measure parameters such as pH, color clarity & alcohol content.
Technical Brewer Median Salary$42,562 Annual

 3. Food Product Development 

Food Product Development is an exciting career that combines creativity, innovation and food science. People with a degree in food science can apply their knowledge to develop new products for the market. They are responsible for the research, formulation, sensory evaluation, shelf-life testing and commercialization of new food products.

This job requires strong communication skills as well as technical understanding of food production processes. With a degree in Food Science you can make a difference by creating novel and healthy foods that will benefit consumers all over the world!

Food Product Development Job Responsibilities

  • Research and develop new food products to meet consumer needs and wants.
  • Monitor customer feedback, industry trends, and competitor activities to ensure product competitiveness. 
  • Create process optimization initiatives that improve quality, safety, cost efficiency of food products.
Food Product Development Median Salary$43,249 Annual

 4. Nutrition Therapist 

A Nutrition Therapist is a professional who has the knowledge and ability to help individuals and groups make positive dietary changes that promote health. With a food science degree, one can become a qualified nutrition therapist. The goal of this field is to improve overall health by educating patients on proper nourishment and promoting healthier lifestyle choices.

This job entails helping clients understand their nutritional needs, developing appropriate meal plans, providing pertinent education on nutrition-related topics, identifying underlying causes of physical or emotional issues through diet analysis, and consulting with medical professionals when necessary.

Nutrition Therapist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop individualized meal plans based on a client’s nutritional needs, health goals, and lifestyle.
  • Provide education about healthy eating habits and food sources of key nutrients. 
  • Monitor progress by regularly evaluating the client’s dietary intake and physical condition.
Nutrition Therapist Median Salary$57,448 Annual

 5. Health and safety inspector 

Health and safety inspectors ensure that businesses are compliant with national regulations and standards related to public health, sanitation, and workplace safety. They conduct inspections of food production areas to identify potential hazards, document incidents or violations, advise management on corrective action plans, monitor progress toward compliance goals, develop policies or protocols to improve processes where needed, and provide education to staff about safe work practices.

With their specialized knowledge in the field of food science combined with strong communication skills and excellent attention to detail, graduates of this degree program have the potential to become top-notch health and safety inspectors.

Health and safety inspector Job Responsibilities

  • Investigate workplace incidents related to safety and health, such as accidents and hazardous exposures.
  • Inspect workplaces for potential hazards and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Review health and safety policies, procedures, reports, records and other documents.
Health and safety inspector Median Salary$56,979 Annual

 6. Food Production Supervisor 

This role involves overseeing the production of food products and ensuring they meet safety regulations, while also monitoring employee performance, managing the budget, and resolving any issues that arise in the production process.

With this job, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge of food science to ensure quality control throughout all stages of production for a variety of foods. As someone with a food science degree, you will have an edge when it comes to understanding how factors such as temperature and moisture affect product safety.

Food Production Supervisor Job Responsibilities

  • Monitor production staff to ensure safe food handling procedures and adhere to company regulations.
  • Schedule employees, delegate tasks, and monitor the progress of work on the production line.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and organization of the kitchen area.
Food Production Supervisor Median Salary$40,863 Annual

 7. Quality Assurance Manager 

A Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring food product safety and quality by developing, implementing, and monitoring effective quality assurance processes. With a degree in Food Science, you can become a successful Quality Assurance Manager as you will have the skills needed to develop efficient procedures to ensure product safety and quality.

This job requires strong problem-solving skills, knowledge of techniques used in food processing and production control systems, thorough understanding of national regulations regarding food products’ quality standards, excellent organizational ability, and communication skills.

Quality Assurance Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement quality assurance plans to ensure compliance with product standards.
  • Monitor performance metrics to identify areas of improvement in product quality, reliability, and efficiency. 
  • Lead teams of inspectors and testers in the evaluation of products for accuracy and completeness.
Quality Assurance Manager Median Salary$83,596 Annual

 8. Regulatory Affairs Officer 

Regulatory Affairs Officers are an important part of the food production industry. With a degree in Food Science, this career allows individuals to work with regulatory bodies to ensure that companies comply with regulations and standards related to their products or services.

They also oversee product labeling, ingredients, packaging designs, and other documentation related to the food items they produce. Regulatory Officers must have knowledge of applicable laws and regulations as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills since they regularly interact with government officials on behalf of their employers.

Regulatory Affairs Officer Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and maintaining regulatory compliance strategies, plans and procedures.
  • Interacting with government regulators to ensure product approvals.
  • Providing guidance on regulations concerning medical device design, manufacturing, labeling and advertising.
Regulatory Affairs Officer Median Salary$78,862 Annual

 9. Chef 

Chefs are highly sought-after professionals who use their knowledge of food science to craft delicious dishes. With a food science degree, you can gain the essential skills and experience needed to become an acclaimed chef. You will learn about kitchen management and safety, as well as advanced cooking techniques that can help take your culinary creations to the next level.

Aspiring chefs should be creative, organized, and passionate about working with food for others’ enjoyment. A career in this field provides excellent job prospects and the chance to work in some of the world’s top restaurants.

Chef Job Responsibilities

  • Developing delicious and creative dishes for the restaurant menu.
  • Directing kitchen staff and overseeing food preparation and presentation.
  • Monitoring kitchen operations to ensure hygiene standards are met.
Chef Median Salary$53,151 Annual

 10. Science Lab Technician 

As a Science Lab Technician with a Food Science degree, you can take advantage of many exciting opportunities in the food industry. You will be responsible for designing and conducting experiments involving food production processes, analyzing results, and documenting data.

You may also manage lab equipment, provide technical support to colleagues, or conduct research projects related to food safety or nutrition. With your expertise in Food Science and an understanding of laboratory operations, this job is perfect for those looking to pursue meaningful work with tangible outcomes.

Science Lab Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain and repair lab equipment.
  • Prepare test solutions, cultures, reagents and materials for experiments.
  • Assist in the setup of experiments and data collection processes or protocol.
Science Lab Technician Median Salary$41,149 Annual

 11. Food Sales Representative 

As a sales representative, you’ll be responsible for researching the market and developing strategies to promote and sell various food products. You’ll need strong interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge of marketing principles and customer service techniques.

With your background in food science, you can assist with product development processes such as formulation, packaging design, regulatory requirements, nutrition information labels, etc. Working in this field could give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience that will help launch your career in the dynamic world of food industry!

Food Sales Representative Job Responsibilities

  • Generate sales leads and develop new accounts to meet or exceed revenue goals.
  • Promote products through demonstrations, trade shows and other marketing activities.
  • Provide product information to customers on food selection, preparation, preservation and use of products.
Food Sales Representative Median Salary$48,684  Annual

 12. Procurement Manager 

This job involves managing the procurement of goods and services – such as raw materials, equipment, machinery, consumables and subcontractors – on behalf of companies in order to meet their specific needs. The duties include sourcing suppliers, negotiating prices and terms, developing contracts that are both cost-effective and suitable for the organization’s objectives.

This position requires strong research skills (especially in regards to market trends), excellent communication abilities and good analytical thinking. With a food science degree you can apply your specialized knowledge in production processes to help ensure that quality products are sourced at competitive rates.

Procurement Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement purchasing strategies, policies, and procedures.
  • Monitor supplier performance to ensure compliance with established terms and conditions.
  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers to obtain the best possible prices for goods and services.
Procurement Manager Median Salary$77,970 Annual

 13. Sensory analysis 

This type of job involves evaluating and describing the smell, taste, texture, feel and appearance of food products to determine their quality and safety. People in this field assess how pleasant or unpleasant a product is as well as its nutritional value.

With sensory analysis, you can work for various companies conducting research on new products or help with developing marketing strategies based on scientific data gathered from testing sessions. With the right background in food science combined with the knowledge gained from sensory analysis training, one could make meaningful contributions to the industry through this exciting role!

Sensory analysis Job Responsibilities

  • Evaluate the appearance, aroma, taste, texture and flavor of products.
  • Design and administer sensory tests for product evaluation.
  • Provide recommendations on product enhancements based on test results.
Sensory analysis Median Salary$59,276 Annual

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