What Can You Do With A Dance Degree? 10 Careers & Salaries

Studying dance can be an incredibly rewarding and creatively fulfilling experience, but it can also leave many recent college graduates wondering what to do with their degrees. Fortunately, a degree in dance opens the door for a variety of career possibilities beyond teaching in studios or performing on stage.

In this post, we will outline some of the best job opportunities available to those who have earned a degree in dance; from choreographing music videos to working as arts administrators in non-profits. No matter which path you choose, there is sure to be something that sparks your passion while providing financial stability at the same time.

What Can You Do With A Dance Degree
  • A dance degree can open career doors in the performing arts industry, such as professional dancing and choreography.
  • With a dance degree, graduates may also find jobs teaching classes at studios or schools for children or adults.
  • After completing a dance degree program, some students pursue graduate degrees related to the field such as an MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography or even a PhD in Dance Studies.
  • Having a formal education can give dancers credibility when they are auditioning for roles and gives them an edge over other applicants who don’t have formal training or certification background in their portfolio.
  • Being able to analyze and understand artistic movements through research are skills that could also be beneficial if you choose to pursue non-performance related careers like physical therapy, music therapy, etc., which require strong knowledge of human anatomy & physiology along with analytical capabilities

10 Jobs You Can Do With A Dance Degree

 1. Arts Administrator 

Arts Administrators are responsible for managing and coordinating the activities of art galleries, museums, theater companies, dance schools, or other arts organizations. An Arts Administrator with a degree in Dance has an excellent foundation to work in this field.

Skills related to budgeting, organization and management of projects/programs; knowledge about cultural issues; marketing principles; public relations skills; and experience working with diverse populations are all important components for success as an Arts Administrator. Additionally, having strong communication skills including writing and speaking abilities is helpful when considering this career option.

Arts Administrator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, coordinate, and implement arts-related programs, events, or initiatives.
  • Create and manage budgets for the organization’s artistic activities.
  • Liaise with stakeholders including artists, funders, venues, sponsors, and audiences to ensure successful project outcomes.
Arts Administrator Median Salary$43,045 Annual

 2. Performer 

A Performer is an individual who uses their dance skills to entertain audiences. A degree in dance can provide the foundation for this job, as it will equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and techniques needed to carry out their performances.

However, a performing career also requires other key skills such as creativity, improvisation, body awareness, and expression. Additionally, having good networking and professional presentation skills can help performers build successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Performer Job Responsibilities

  • Executing stage directions as directed by the director and/or other creative personnel.
  • Memorizing lines, blocking, and character development for roles.
  • Projecting an engaging physical presence on stage to draw in audiences during performances
Performer Median Salary$49,283 Annual

 3. Choreographer 

A Choreographer is a professional dancer who creates and arranges dances for stage productions, films, television shows, music videos, and other performances. With the right degree in dance or choreography, anyone can pursue a career as a Choreographer.

This job requires skills like excellent knowledge of different types of dance styles and techniques; creativity to come up with original concepts; good organizational skills to direct dancers during rehearsals; physical strength and stamina for long working hours. Moreover, basic understanding of music theory is also preferred by employers.

Choreographer Job Responsibilities

  • Teach dancers their individual parts within the choreography in rehearsals.
  • Create and design the choreography of a performance, such as a musical theatre production, dance show or film. 
  • Direct performers during performances to ensure they are executing the intended choreography correctly and with appropriate expression.
Choreographer Median Salary$60,957 Annual

 4. Dancer 

Dancer jobs involve performing in various venues such as theaters, nightclubs, television or film productions. To pursue a career as a dancer, having a dance degree is helpful. However, talent and dedication are equally important.

In addition to mastering the necessary movements required for dancing, dancers should have excellent body control, physical fitness, and an understanding of musicality and rhythms. Additionally, creativity and improvisational skills can be beneficial in this field too.

Dancer Job Responsibilities

  • Create and execute choreography for dance performances.
  • Manage all aspects of production, from casting to rehearsals.
  • Collaborate with designers, musicians, and technicians to produce an engaging show.
Dancer Median Salary$50,574 Annual

 5. Dance Teacher 

A Dance Teacher job is a great way to combine your passion for dance with teaching others. While you will need a degree in dance, or related field, the most important skills that are required for this job are being creative, having excellent communication and leadership abilities, as well as working well under pressure.

Additionally, you’ll need to be organized and have an understanding of basic pedagogy. As a Dance Teacher, you would be responsible for designing and executing lesson plans while also motivating students to reach their goals.

Dance Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Plan lessons and create choreography for classes.
  • Teach dance techniques, steps, and performance skills.
  • Monitor student progress, provide feedback, and suggest improvement methods.
Dance Teacher Median Salary$38,534 Annual

 6. Dance Therapist 

Dance therapists are professionals who use dance and movement to help individuals cope with physical, mental, emotional, and social challenges. This type of therapy offers an alternative way to address problems that may not be easily addressed through traditional therapeutic methods. Dance therapists must have a degree in dance or psychology, as well as experience in both specialties.

They also need strong interpersonal skills, creative problem-solving abilities, an understanding of the dynamics of body mechanics and movement quality techniques, knowledge about the therapeutic effects of music and rhythms on individuals’ emotions and behaviors; and the ability to assess patients’ needs.

Dance Therapist Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement dance therapy programs to help clients achieve therapeutic goals.
  • Lead movement-based sessions to promote individual or group physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Monitor clients’ progress and offer counseling services as needed in order to support their healing process.
Dance Therapist Median Salary$59,274 Annual

 7. Event manager 

An Event Manager job is a great way to use your dance degree in the working world. This position requires strong organizational and communication skills, as well as experience with budgeting and planning events. To be successful in this role, you will also need creative problem-solving abilities, an eye for detail, and the ability to work under pressure.

As an event manager, you will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of various events such as venue selection, catering services, decorations, and other details that are necessary to ensure that events run smoothly. Your dance background may come in handy when organizing rehearsals or providing choreography advice if needed!

Event manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop event goals and objectives, define target audience, and determine the budget.
  • Coordinate vendors including catering, entertainment, decorations, transportation, etc.
  • Manage day-of logistics such as setup/breakdown of the venue, registration desk management, etc.
Event manager Median Salary$50,997 Annual

 8. Pilates Instructor 

A Pilates Instructor is a great career choice for those with a dance degree. The job involves teaching individual and group classes, as well as private sessions, in order to help people improve their posture, flexibility, and overall physical health. To be successful in this role, you will need excellent communication skills so that you can effectively explain the instructions of each exercise to your clients.

Additionally, the ability to motivate and encourage others is also essential since you’ll be dealing with different types of personalities on a daily basis. Lastly, understanding anatomy is key because it allows instructors to know how best to teach an exercise or modify it if needed.

Pilates Instructor Job Responsibilities

  • Design and teach safe and effective Pilates classes for people of all ages, abilities, and levels of fitness.
  • Monitor clients to ensure proper form, alignment, breathing techniques and safety throughout class sessions.
  • Demonstrate proper technique on exercises to guide students in achieving the best results from their workouts.
Pilates Instructor Median Salary$55,013 Annual

 9. Theatre director 

Theatre directors are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a theatrical production, from the initial concept to the final performance. With a degree in dance and an understanding of theatre techniques, one can become a successful director.

In addition to having knowledge of disciplines such as choreography, acting, set design, and costume design, the ideal candidate for this job would have excellent leadership skills, be organized and  able to manage budgets and timelines effectively. They should also possess strong communication skills both with actors and designers alike in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Theatre director Job Responsibilities

  • Plan and direct the overall artistic vision for a production.
  • Audition, select and hire actors, designers and crew members to create the necessary elements of a production.
  • Work with producers to ensure that all aspects of the theatre run smoothly within budget guidelines.
Theatre director Median Salary$54,961 Annual

 10. Actor 

An Actor job is an exciting and rewarding profession, suitable for those who have a passion for engaging with audiences. A degree in Acting or Dance can be beneficial to this career path, as it teaches the skills required such as improvisation, physical awareness, and vocal control.

It also helps to develop confidence and the ability to work collaboratively with others. Alongside these skills, other qualities that are essential include stage presence, self-discipline, and a willingness to learn from constructive criticism.

Actor Job Responsibilities

  • Perform scripted scenes for television, film, theatre, and other media productions.
  • Study scripts to understand characters’ emotions, objectives, and motivations.
  • Engage with directors, production staff, and fellow actors during rehearsals to interpret a role effectively on stage or in front of the camera.
Actor Median Salary$49,533 Annual

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