What Can You Do With A Classics Degree? 12 Careers & Salaries

Are you confused about what to do after completing your Classics degree? If so, don’t worry! There are plenty of job opportunities available for those who have earned a Classics degree. From museum curators and librarians to archaeologists and teachers, there is no shortage of options when it comes to utilizing the skills acquired through a Classics education.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best career paths that graduates with a Classics degree can pursue. So read on if you’re looking for great ways to put your knowledge and experience in ancient history and languages into action.

What Can You Do With A Classics Degree
  • A Classics degree provides valuable knowledge and skills that can be used in a range of different fields, such as history, archaeology, linguistics, law and many more.
  • Understanding classical languages like Latin or Greek gives students an insight into the original philosophies and tales of ancient civilizations which are still relevant today. 
  • Studying Classics opens up unique job opportunities within museums, libraries and universities across the country – these jobs are often highly sought after due to their fascinating nature.
  • Having a Classics degree demonstrates strong research skills as well as a commitment to furthering one’s education level – qualities that employers look for in potential recruits.
  • With its emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical reasoning, having a Classics degree will give you lifelong benefits such as improved communication abilities both written & verbal, increased confidence when dealing with difficult tasks , an appreciation for historical events & literature which can help inform your current worldview.

12 Jobs You Can Do With A Classics Degree

 1. Academic Researcher 

This job involves researching and studying different topics in the field of Classics to create new knowledge, theories, and interpretations. As a researcher, you can work in universities or museums, helping to advance scholarly understanding of antiquity and ancient cultures by exploring their written materials as well as artifacts found around the world.

You must have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to think critically while synthesizing ideas from multiple sources. With the knowledge of literature, languages, culture, and art history that you gain from your Classics degree, you will be well-prepared for this role!

Academic Researcher Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct research into historical texts and documents to analyze them and uncover new information or insights.
  • Develop innovative teaching materials based on their knowledge of ancient cultures and societies.
  • Publish scholarly articles, books, and other works that provide valuable contributions to the field.
Academic Researcher Median Salary$51,473 Annual

 2. Gallery Manager 

A Gallery Manager is an excellent career choice for those with a Classics Degree. They are responsible for coordinating and overseeing all gallery activities, including developing exhibitions and programming, marketing the gallery to potential patrons, organizing educational events and workshops, managing budgets and raising funds.

With a Classics Degree, individuals will be uniquely qualified to interpret artwork in ways that engage viewers intellectually, emotionally and visually. In addition to curatorial responsibilities such as selecting works of art for shows or installations, they may also be involved in fundraising initiatives.

Gallery Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate gallery operations, including staffing, scheduling, budgeting and promotions.
  • Manage relationships with artists and other stakeholders such as galleries or collectors.
  • Develop new strategies to attract customers, improve customer service and increase sales.
Gallery Manager Median Salary$52,098 Annual

 3. Archivist 

A career as an Archivist is a great option for those looking to combine their Classics degree with a job that requires research and organization. In this role, one is responsible for organizing and preserving documents, artifacts, and photographs while ensuring they are properly maintained according to established regulations.

This job involves cataloging information into databases or archives, researching the history of items being preserved in order to add context, restoring damaged records when necessary, and providing access to materials upon request by researchers and other stakeholders. Thus one can make good use of his/her classics degree in such position.

Archivist Job Responsibilities

  • Preserve and document historical materials, such as manuscripts, photographs, and electronic records.
  • Collect new records or acquire them through donations and purchases.
  • Provide access to records by indexing them and creating databases for retrieval of information upon request.
Archivist Median Salary$51,285 Annual

 4. Historian 

A Historian job is an excellent career path for someone with a Classics degree. Historians research, record and interpret the past through studying documents, artifacts and other sources of information. They analyze primary records to identify patterns and trends in cultural ideas and events over time.

In addition to researching facts about the past, historians also study how cultures have evolved over time by analyzing literature, art, laws, customs and religions of different historical periods. With a Classics degree you can become a professional historian working in museums or government agencies as well as writing books or teaching university classes on history topics.

Historian Job Responsibilities

  • Researching and gathering information on past events and people.
  • Analyzing primary sources, such as documents, artifacts, photographs, and other historical records.
  • Writing books or articles about their findings to inform the public.
Historian Median Salary$57,376 Annual

 5. College Lecturer 

A College Lecturer job is an appealing option for people with a Classics degree. In this role, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for Classical Studies with students.

You’ll be able to teach classes on Ancient History, Greek and Latin languages, Art, Literature, and Philosophy from ancient cultures as well as more general topics such as writing or critical thinking skills. Additionally, you can use your excellent communication abilities to inspire and mentor young minds while also developing their analytical capacities. 

College Lecturer Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and deliver lectures on classical literature, philosophy, religion, and history to college students.
  • Create course syllabi and lesson plans as well as assessments for student learning outcomes. 
  • Engage in scholarly research on topics related to the classical period for publication or presentation.
College Lecturer Median Salary$52,217 Annual

 6. Journalist 

Journalists have the opportunity to cover important topics and create thought-provoking stories about current events, politics, science, and culture. As a journalist, you will be able to use your knowledge of classical languages and literature to explore complex historical contexts in the news around the world.

You may also find yourself writing articles based on archaeological discoveries or exploring pre-colonial societies. Your ability to read ancient texts will provide valuable insight into our modern world.

Journalist Job Responsibilities

  • Research current news stories and develop story ideas related to classics topics.
  • Conduct interviews with experts in the field of classics studies to gain insight into potential stories or issues. 
  • Write articles about classical events, history, language, literature and other related subjects for publication.
Journalist Median Salary$53,762 Annual

 7. Museum Curator 

Museum curator is an exciting job that anyone with a classics degree can consider. A Museum Curator is responsible for protecting, preserving and researching collections of artifacts or specimens held in museums, galleries and archives.

They also acquire new pieces for the museum’s collection as well as plan exhibitions, tours and other educational activities. This involves creativity, knowledge of the field as well as project management skills which are all easily transferable from Classics studies.

Museum Curator Job Responsibilities

  • Acquire and conserve artifacts, artworks, specimens, documents and other materials for a museum collection.
  • Create new exhibitions to attract visitors and engage them with the museum’s content in meaningful ways.
  • Research historical eras or topics related to the museum’s mission to increase its educational value.
Museum Curator Median Salary$39,121 Annual

 8. Heritage Manager 

This role involves working in museums, galleries, and other heritage sites to ensure that their collections are preserved, managed and displayed properly. Heritage Managers must have an excellent knowledge of classical works, as well as good organizational skills and the ability to communicate effectively with visitors.

These professionals also need to know how to use new technologies such as virtual reality in order to bring exhibitions alive. With a Classics degree under your belt you will be perfectly prepared for this exciting role!

Heritage Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement policies and plans to protect, conserve, present, and promote heritage assets.
  • Lead on the management of conservation projects at designated sites or monuments. 
  • Establish partnerships with local organizations and key stakeholders in order to promote the protection of cultural heritage.
Heritage Manager Median Salary$43,041 Annual

 9. Editorial Assistant 

An Editorial Assistant job is a great career choice for those who have earned a Classics degree. You can help develop ideas for publications or other projects based on your knowledge of classics topics. 

As an Editorial Assistant, you would be responsible for providing assistance to editors in the publishing industry by carrying out research, proofreading manuscripts and articles, making corrections to grammar and content, producing written documents, and helping with administrative tasks.

Editorial Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Assist editors in researching and writing content.
  • Proofread, edit, fact-check and format documents for publication.
  • Coordinate with authors and other staff concerning the production of content.
Editorial Assistant Median Salary$43,927 Annual

 10. Librarian 

Librarians are responsible for organizing and managing collections of books, periodicals, digital materials, newspapers and other media in school libraries, public libraries or corporate libraries. They also provide assistance to library patrons by helping them locate desired information using reference sources such as catalogs and databases.

A Classics degree provides the necessary background knowledge to understand ancient texts and assist readers in researching historical topics. Additionally, many librarians offer instructions on how to use the latest technology related to library resources.

Librarian Job Responsibilities

  • Organizing and managing library collections.
  • Providing reference services to library users.
  • Maintaining records and supervising staff.
Librarian Median Salary$53,096 Annual

 11. Museum Educator 

Museum Educator jobs are an excellent way to use a Classics degree. Museum educators strive to bring history and culture alive for museum visitors through engaging, memorable, and educational experiences.

They develop exhibits and programs, conduct research on topics related to the museum’s collections, and design interpretive materials including brochures, podcasts or tours. This job requires creative problem-solving skills combined with knowledge of history and art gained from a Classics degree.

Museum Educator Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, plan and facilitate educational programs with a focus on museum collections.
  • Create and maintain educational resources for use in museums or in schools related to the collection’s theme.
  • Evaluate program outcomes to ensure successful implementation of education initiatives.
Museum Educator Median Salary$43,032 Annual

 12. Archaeologist 

Archaeologists study the material remains of past societies to gain insight into their lifestyles and cultures. With a Classics degree, you can become an archaeologist, researching ancient civilizations and uncovering artifacts. Archaeology is a highly interdisciplinary field that requires knowledge in areas such as history, anthropology, geology, ecology, geography, art history and linguistics.

In addition to research experience in the field or lab setting (which may be part of your Classics degree), successful archaeologists must possess strong writing skills for report preparation and public presentation of findings. You will also need excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Archaeologist Job Responsibilities

  • Excavating and analyzing archaeological sites to study past cultures.
  • Identifying, preserving, and documenting artifacts found at archaeological sites.
  • Presenting research findings in reports, publications, or lectures through public outreach programs.
Archaeologist Median Salary$50,314 Annual

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