What Can You Do With A Business Law Degree? 10 Careers & Salaries

If you have recently obtained a business law degree, you may be wondering what career paths are available to you. While the traditional roles of a lawyer or legal advisor are often associated with business law degrees, there are many other options that can allow you to leverage your knowledge and experience in this field.

In this post, we will explore some of the best available choices for those with a business law degree, from working public policy to becoming an entrepreneur. Regardless of where your interests lie, there is sure to be something here for everyone!

What Can You Do With A Business Law Degree
  • Pursuing a business law degree provides you with the knowledge and skills to become an effective advocate for businesses of all sizes, including large corporations, small startups, and everything in between.
  • A business law degree offers expertise in multiple practice areas such as contract law, corporate governance, mergers & acquisitions, securities regulation laws and much more.
  • With a business law degree not only will you gain comprehensive legal knowledge within the fields of economics and finance but also build strategic problem-solving skills that are applicable across industries.
  • In today’s highly regulated market climate understanding legal concepts is essential for any business leader so having a background in business law gives you an advantage when making decisions or launching new initiatives.
  • Finally having a sound grasp on the relevant regulations allows graduates to develop cost-effective solutions by minimizing risks associated with various transactions or ventures which can be invaluable asset to any company looking for long-term success.

10 Jobs You Can Do With A Business Law Degree

 1. Lawyer 

A career as a lawyer is an excellent choice for anyone with a business law degree. The job involves representing clients in civil or criminal legal proceedings, drawing up legal documents such as contracts and wills, and giving advice on various matters of the law. Business lawyers specialize in corporate transactions and handling commercial disputes between companies.

With a business law degree, you will be well-prepared to advise businesses on issues ranging from employment contracts to mergers and acquisitions. Your skillset also includes understanding how laws affect businesses at all stages of their operations — formation, growth, dissolution — so that they can remain compliant with applicable statutes while taking maximum advantage of available opportunities.

Lawyer Job Responsibilities

  • Advise clients on the legal implications of business transactions and agreements.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate contracts related to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures. 
  • Represent companies in court proceedings concerning labor disputes, contract disputes or other issues related to business law.
Lawyer Median Salary$85,186 Annual

 2. Paralegal 

A Business Law degree opens the door to a variety of career opportunities, including becoming a Paralegal. A Paralegal is responsible for researching and preparing legal documents, such as contracts and pleadings; investigating facts related to cases; locating witnesses and conducting interviews; organizing law office files; and providing administrative support to attorneys.

The job requires close attention to detail and excellent communication skills, both written and oral. With the right qualifications in business law, you could be well on your way to becoming a successful Paralegal.

Paralegal Job Responsibilities

  • Research and analyze legal documents to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations and statutes.
  • Draft legal documents such as contracts, pleadings, briefs, motions and memoranda of understanding. 
  • Prepare financial statements and assist in business litigation proceedings including depositions, mediation or arbitration hearings.
Paralegal Median Salary$54,090 Annual

 3. Human Resources Manager 

A Human Resources Manager is a great job for someone with a business law degree. You would be responsible for ensuring that the organization’s policies and procedures are compliant with applicable laws, as well as managing employee relations and benefits.

You could also design educational programs to educate other staff members on legal issues such as labor laws, anti-discrimination regulations, and contract interpretation. With your knowledge of business law and human resources management skills you can effectively manage HR related tasks in an organization while adhering to laws governing the workplace.

Human Resources Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement employee policies that are compliant with state and federal laws.
  • Handle disputes between employees, employers, or other third parties in accordance with applicable law. 
  • Identify areas where the business is susceptible to legal liabilities and suggest proactive strategies to mitigate risk.
Human Resources Manager Median Salary$74,144 Annual

 4. Financial analyst 

A financial analyst job can be a great fit for those with a business law degree. Financial analysts are responsible for researching and analyzing market trends, making investment recommendations, and providing sound advice to help organizations make profitable decisions.

They also review organizational finances and develop strategies to increase profit margins. With the right mix of experience and knowledge in business law, those with this degree have the opportunity to become successful financial analysts in any industry they choose.

Financial analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze financial data and assess the impact of business laws on corporate finances.
  • Develop legal strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize profits. 
  • Prepare comprehensive legal documents such as contracts, loan agreements, and other associated financial instruments in accordance with current regulatory guidelines.
Financial analyst Median Salary$67,784 Annual

 5. Intellectual property paralegal 

Intellectual Property Paralegals can perform a range of tasks related to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. They may assist their clients in obtaining patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other forms of legal protection for their intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Paralegals are also responsible for conducting research on existing laws regarding various forms of intellectual property as well as keeping up-to-date with changes to these laws. Those who have obtained a business law degree will be well-equipped to work in this field since they possess the knowledge needed to understand the rules and regulations that govern this area of law.

Intellectual property paralegal Job Responsibilities

  • Researching and preparing documents for copyright, trademark, patent applications and renewals.
  • Interpreting complex legal regulations related to intellectual property rights within business environments. 
  • Drafting contracts, reviewing proposed agreements and providing advice on potential infringement cases related to intellectual property law.
Intellectual property paralegal Median Salary$59,496Annual

 6. Corporate Attorney 

A Corporate Attorney is a high-level legal professional responsible for providing expert advice and assistance to companies seeking to remain in compliance with the laws of their industry. This field provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in law while also allowing them to stay abreast of current industry trends.

With a Business Law degree, an individual will have the necessary knowledge and training to understand complex legal documents, interpret regulations, advise clients on their rights and responsibilities under applicable laws, draft contracts and other agreements, represent companies in court proceedings when necessary, and handle other corporate legal matters.

Corporate Attorney Job Responsibilities

  • Research and analyze legal issues pertinent to the business.
  • Draft, review, and negotiate contracts, agreements and other legal documents.
  • Advise stakeholders on options available in complex business transactions to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Corporate Attorney Median Salary$96,668 Annual

 7. Policy manager 

With a business law degree, you can pursue a career as a Policy Manager. The primary responsibility of the position is to develop and implement policies that are in compliance with government regulations.

This includes researching current laws and regulations, drafting policy statements, guiding the implementation of new or revised policies, and making sure those policies align with organizational objectives. A successful Policy Manager should have excellent communication skills, be organized, detail-oriented and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Policy manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement policy frameworks that are compliant with relevant laws, regulations, standards, and organizational best practices.
  • Monitor industry developments to ensure the organization’s policies remain in line with current legal requirements. 
  • Provide advice and guidance on legal matters related to company policies and procedures.
Policy manager Median Salary$93,695 Annual

 8. Employee Relations Manager 

A Business Law degree can be the perfect platform for a career in Employee Relations Manager. In this role, you will provide advice and counsel to employees on workplace issues such as compliance with employment laws, policies, procedures and programs.

Additionally, you may review employment contracts and help employers create effective solutions to personnel problems while ensuring compliance with applicable laws. With your business law knowledge, you are equipped to handle all aspects of employee relations management including recruitment, training and development activities as well as conflict resolution strategies.

Employee Relations Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain positive employee relations by proactively addressing any workplace issues or concerns.
  • Review policies for legal compliance to ensure adherence to business law standards and regulations.
  • Review organizational policies in order to ensure compliance with all applicable business law statutes and regulations.
Employee Relations Manager Median Salary$105,923 Annual

 9. Judge 

With a business law degree, you can pursue a career as a Judge. A Judge presides over court proceedings to ensure that justice is served and proper laws are followed. They must possess strong knowledge of the law, as well as excellent analytical and decision-making skills.

Judges must also be able to provide impartial rulings even in difficult cases. This job requires tremendous dedication and passion for upholding the rule of law. If you have obtained your business law degree, this could be an ideal career path for you!

Judge Job Responsibilities

  • Interpret and apply relevant laws, regulations and statutes to disputes in the courtroom.
  • Develop sound legal strategies for both sides of a case before presenting arguments to the court. 
  • Preside over hearings, trials and other proceedings to ensure that all parties are afforded their full rights under applicable law.
Judge Median Salary$123,000 Annual

 10. Corporate Counsel 

Corporate Counsel is a great job for those who have studied business law. Corporate Counsel provides legal advice and counsel to organizations and their management on complex matters such as corporate structuring, contract negotiations, compliance with laws and regulations, dispute resolution, intellectual property protection, stakeholder engagement and more.

With a business law degree, you can become an asset to any company by providing research-based legal advice that helps the organization stay compliant with all applicable laws.

Corporate Counsel Job Responsibilities

  • Advising senior management on legal issues in order to protect the business from potential legal risks.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, regulations, and other documents related to company operations.
  • Assisting with internal investigations into compliance violations and ensuring that the company is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
Corporate Counsel Median Salary$153,490 Annual

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