What Can You Do With A Biblical Studies Degree?10 Careers & Salaries

For those who have recently completed a degree in Biblical Studies, it may be hard to imagine what you can actually do with it. While there are some specialized roles that require a biblical studies background, such as teaching at a religious school or working for an ecclesiastical organization, there are also many opportunities available to those who want to use their knowledge in other areas.

From teaching to non-profit work and beyond, we will explore all of the possibilities that come with having a biblically based education. Regardless of your goals after graduation, you can find something rewarding with your degree.

What Can You Do With A Biblical Studies Degree
  • A biblical studies degree will equip you with a deeper understanding of the Bible that can be utilized in various career paths, such as ministry, missions, teaching and writing.
  • Biblical Studies degrees are extremely versatile; graduates may go on to pursue further religious study at seminary or work in pastoral counseling services, teach at religious schools, or even use the knowledge for business-related career opportunities like publishing editing/writing or marketing campaign development for churches/ministries.
  • Whether used as vocational preparation or simply a pursuit of personal enrichment, obtaining an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution will provide students with highly desired skills such as public speaking ability and critical thinking that all employers seek when hiring new employees regardless if its related to religion or not!
  • With a biblical studies degree, one is prepared for many potential careers ranging from ordained minister or pastor to missionary work overseas or even chaplaincy positions within hospitals or other institutions if desired after graduation. 
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this field serves not only prepares individuals for their respective future but also provides them with foundational knowledge and practice necessary when engaging any type of text associated to religion (or not).

10 Jobs You Can Do With A Biblical Studies Degree

 1. Pastor 

Pastor jobs require a deep knowledge of the Bible and religious doctrine, which makes it perfect for those who have completed a biblical studies degree. They focus on community outreach activities to spread their message and evangelize new believers. Those with a biblical studies degree are well-equipped to fill this important leadership role in churches across the country.

The responsibilities consist of leading church services, counseling parishioners, organizing special events or programs for the congregation, administering sacraments such as baptisms and communion, providing spiritual guidance and direction to members of the congregation.

Pastor Job Responsibilities

  • Developing meaningful sermon content based on Scripture and Biblical theology.
  • Encouraging spiritual growth through community Bible studies, seminars, retreats, or other forms of instruction.
  • Guiding church members in their faith journey by providing counseling and resources for understanding Christian doctrine and principles.
Pastor Median Salary$85,074 Annual

 2. Teacher 

A career in teaching is a great way to utilize your Biblical Studies degree. By obtaining a teaching degree, you can gain the skills needed to be an effective teacher and use your knowledge of the Bible to help educate students.

You will have the opportunity to share important stories from scripture while building relationships with and inspiring young minds. As a teacher, you can make a positive impact on the lives of children while providing them with guidance and encouragement.

Teacher Job Responsibilities

  • Design and deliver engaging biblical studies curriculum that meets educational standards in both primary and secondary education settings.
  • Utilize current instructional practices to develop students’ understanding of the Bible and its implications for their lives outside the classroom. 
  • Provide a safe, nurturing learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, discussing controversial topics, and gaining spiritual insight from their coursework.
Teacher Median Salary$46,032 Annual

 3. Writer 

A degree in biblical studies can open up a range of interesting career opportunities for those interested in writing about the bible and related topics. Writers who specialize in religious-based content often have backgrounds in biblical studies, which gives them an advantage when it comes to researching and interpreting scripture.

Additionally, they may be able to work on publications such as Christian magazines or books as well as develop sermon outlines and other materials that require a deep understanding of theology. The right combination of expertise and creativity is essential for success in this field, making it perfect for those with both passion and technical skills.

Writer Job Responsibilities

  • Teaching the Bible and related texts in a college or university setting.
  • Analyzing Biblical literature from historical and theological perspectives. 
  • Developing curricula for courses on Biblical studies or theology, including preparing lesson plans, exams, lectures, etc.
Writer Median Salary$60,627 Annual

 4. Chaplain 

A Chaplain job is an excellent opportunity for someone with a biblical studies degree. This role involves providing spiritual care and support to individuals, families, and groups in hospitals, prisons, the military, universities etc. A chaplain must be able to lead those they serve spiritually without imposing their own personal beliefs on them.

To do this effectively requires knowledge of scripture as well as practical understanding of religious traditions from various denominations. For anyone looking for a meaningful career with their Biblical Studies Degree this could be a great option.

Chaplain Job Responsibilities

  • Provide spiritual counseling and guidance to those in need, based upon Biblical teachings and principles.
  • Lead religious services such as Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, prayer meetings and other activities that help individuals grow spiritually.
  • Develop strategies for outreach or missionary work within the community that follows biblical principles while reflecting current societal needs or issues.
Chaplain Median Salary$54,507 Annual

 5. Counselor 

A Counselor is a great job to consider with a degree in Biblical Studies. This role requires an understanding of the Bible and its teachings, as well as the ability to provide guidance and emotional support to individuals or groups.

As a counselor, one could help people process their thoughts and feelings while also helping them make decisions based on biblical principles. With this kind of degree, you can become an invaluable resource for providing much-needed advice from a spiritual perspective.

Counselor Job Responsibilities

  • Provide Bible-based pastoral care and counseling services to individuals, couples and families in need of spiritual support.
  • Develop curriculum and teaching plans for classes on biblical studies, with an emphasis on fostering personal growth through faith-based learning experiences. 
  • Lead church ministries that are dedicated to spiritual deepenings, such as small groups or bible study sessions.
Counselor Median Salary$65,411 Annual

 6. Missionary 

A career as a missionary is an excellent choice for those with a degree in Biblical Studies. Missionaries work to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring people closer to God through various types of ministry.

They often travel abroad, although some stay in their own region or country, providing spiritual guidance and support to local communities. With strong knowledge of Scripture from their studies, missionaries can find meaningful ways to share the Gospel and encourage others on their faith journey.

Missionary Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and teach Bible-based curricula, such as Sunday school lessons or seminary classes for missionaries who are preparing for their field assignments.
  • Conduct evangelism sessions in local churches to share the Gospel’s message with those who may be unfamiliar with it. 
  • Research and write scholarly articles related to Biblical studies in order to further understanding of its teachings among potential missionaries and other believers around the world.
Missionary Median Salary$74,780 Annual

 7. Director 

A Church Director job is a great way to utilize your degree in Biblical Studies. As a Church Director, you will be responsible for overseeing the church’s programs and operations while also providing spiritual guidance to the congregation.

This role requires strong leadership skills and familiarity with theology, which are provided by having a degree in Biblical Studies. Throughout this position, you can help shape the congregation’s mission and values according to scripture all while making an impact on your community.

Director Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and support Biblical studies curricula in the church environment, including Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, and special events.
  • Lead Bible study sessions and provide guidance to members of the congregation on matters related to theology and scripture interpretation.
  • Train volunteers for lay leadership roles within the church by providing direction about how best to utilize their education in biblical studies for ministry purposes.
Director Median Salary$74,780 Annual

 8. Minister 

A Minister job is an excellent career option for those with a biblical studies degree. A minister can provide spiritual guidance and aid to people in need, both within their own religious community and beyond.

Ministers often work closely with congregations and other organizations to help spread the word of God through preaching, teaching, counseling and leading services. With a biblical studies degree, individuals can become well-versed in scripture and religious texts to be able to teach churches about faith-based topics more effectively.

Minister Job Responsibilities

  • Preach and teach biblical doctrine to congregations, Sunday school classes and other groups.
  • Lead bible study groups or facilitate spiritual growth retreats for individuals or church members. 
  • Counsel individuals in areas of spiritual development, including marriage guidance and advice on personal ethical issues such as financial management or substance abuse counseling.
Minister Median Salary$48,579 Annual

 9. Human social Worker 

Human social workers play an important role in helping individuals and communities with their physical, mental, and emotional needs. With a degree in biblical studies, you may be well-equipped to do this job as it involves understanding people from different backgrounds and cultures. You may also need to use your knowledge of scripture when interacting with clients or making decisions about them.

The ability to interpret scriptures can help you provide effective advice for those struggling with difficult situations. Additionally, having a good understanding of the bible can give you tools needed to offer compassionate guidance during challenging times for members of the community.

Human social Worker Job Responsibilities

  • Provide spiritual and emotional guidance to clients, based on a scientific and biblical approach to counseling.
  • Research and assess social issues in order to identify solutions that meet the needs of individuals while reflecting Christian values.
  • Coordinate with other helping professionals such as pastors, psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and doctors in order to create holistic solutions for clients’ complex problems.
Human social Worker Median Salary$50,390 Annual

 10. Archeologist 

Archeologists have the exciting job of uncovering and examining ancient artifacts to gain insight into past cultures. Those with a biblical studies degree can also pursue archeology as a field of study, using their knowledge of religion and scriptures to analyze their findings.

Archeologists jobs involve excavating sites, analyzing artifacts, and researching historical records for evidence about past civilizations. As an Archeologist with a background in biblical studies, you will be able to use these skills to bring light to the stories from scripture that are often overlooked or forgotten in our modern world.

Archeologist Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing religious texts, writings and artifacts to identify the history of ancient civilizations.
  • Examining manuscripts in various languages, including Hebrew, Greek and Latin to gain insight into biblical studies. 
  • Developing innovative research methods for describing the historical context of biblical times through archaeological fieldwork and excavations.
Archeologist Median Salary$66,130 Annual

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